How to Sell Gardening Essentials Online

Many of us love spending a sunny afternoon tending to the garden – and love buying the essentials to do so!

Usually, buying everything we need to keep our gardens looking fresh and green is a whole day affair – taking the time to get in the car, visiting the garden centre or plant shop, trying to fit everything into your boot and spending the rest of the week trying to get all the dust and soil out of its interior.

Gardening Tools

But with online shopping constantly on the rise for all areas of retail, many businesses are transforming an online space into a place for all of their valued customers to search, shop and order everything they need straight to their door – and this goes for gardening essentials too!

The convenience of online shopping has the potential to take away all the struggles of buying gardening essentials, and many suppliers have taken to ecommerce to remain in keeping with the times, sustain sales and do the best for their customers.

So how can you benefit from the power of ecommerce and sell gardening essentials online?

Finding the right ecommerce platform for you

There are many available platforms that provide business and independent sellers with a place to efficiently sell their wares, and it’s just about finding the right one for you!

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Those wanting to just sell gardening essentials here and there would be better sticking to selling sites such as eBay and Etsy, but sellers who are businesses that specialise in providing products, as well as garden centres with already physical stores would benefit from using ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and WordPress. This enables you to build a great online space in which you can demonstrate your business and its branding, all whilst efficiently selling products to your customers. It allows you to illustrate your attention to customer service and can help keep the sales rolling in.

If you need help with utilising these platforms, come and talk to the pros here at Limely!

Sourcing and selecting products

Once you have a solid platform, you can begin sourcing and selecting the right garden essentials that you will be selling! Whether you’re already a physical garden centre or hardware store selling products you already stock, or a business looking to find a supplier and solely sell online, you will have to sift through and appropriate products that you know will sell.


Some gardening essentials might not be appropriate to sell online as they’re too big or not safe, and you’d never want to make the mistake of marketing a product that may make for a bad experience for your customers. It’s all about finding the right products for you that will not only make you the number one place for gardening essentials but provide a flawless service that your customers will want to return to.

Perfecting your Delivery Service

When you have a collated an online catalogue of great gardening essentials, you can begin perfecting your delivery service as this will be your chance to prove to your customers your attention to detail and their needs as the consumer.

Delivery Man with Cardboard Boxes

Many ecommerce platforms, like Shopify, will have handy features built-in which provides you with everything you would need to build your delivery service. This includes help with return systems, invoices, payment processing, order tracking and how you can use your customer’s purchasing history for effective marketing – all important features to consider when perfecting your delivery service.

Marketing is key

So, you have your online space, all of your strategically chosen products and flawless delivery service – now you have to let everyone know about it! Online marketing is vital when it comes to gaining traffic to your ecommerce website, and get users buying and ordering your gardening essentials. This can be done via social media, directed emails, in-store marketing and even content included within your packaging.

Social Media

Spreading the word and making your business appealing to all those gardening enthusiasts is crucial in creating website traffic and sustaining sales. So, what are you waiting for?

If you need help selling online, talk to Limely today!

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