How to get the Best Online Garden Centre

There are not many businesses in the retail industry that don’t have an online presence or an online shop

And this includes garden centres! Home to everything from hardware supplies, garden essentials, plants and seeds – the garden centre provides everything you would need for an afternoon in the garden as well as a fun day out for all the family.

But how do you ensure you are taking everything your customers love about your physical garden centre onto an online space? Well, we thought we’d highlight a few vital features that make for the best online garden centre.

Finding the right web agency

If you’re not blessed with the knowledge and skills to build a top-notch website, leave it to a web agency! Finding the right wen agency for you is an important step towards getting the best website for your garden centre business. They should have a full understanding of your business, your vision and what you want to achieve by moving into ecommerce. When choosing an agency packed with skilled designers, developers and content creators who have your needs and requirements in the forefront of everything they do – you can’t go wrong!

And if you’re looking for a web agency which ticks every one of those boxes, then look no further than Limely. Click here to take a look at what we have to offer!

Beautiful designs and concise content

One sure-fire way of ensuring a top-notch garden centre website, one that users will want to return to, is making it an absolute pleasure to the eyes. This calls for beautiful design and clear, engaging content written with the user in mind.

Not only should they be fresh and stylish, but your designs should reflect you and your garden centre business. The aim is to make your branding and designs instantly recognisable and associated with the level of quality you provide. This can be achieved by working closely with your agency or designer so your brand and business can be effectively weaved throughout your site’s design. As well as this, it should work to your favour by attracting and engaging users to delve in further and hopefully lead them to purchase or even an in-store visit.

Clear knowledge and expertise

Many people visit a garden centre not only for their range of tools and essentials but for the knowledge that their staff possess. Bridging this knowledge and expertise to your online space is vital, especially for users who may come to your site looking for advice and guidance.

Packing your site with examples of your knowledge of the sector, as well general professionalism and helpful advice not only demonstrates customer focus and care but makes users aware that they are in the best place for all of their gardening and landscaping needs. It evokes trust and reliability amongst your users and lets them know that your online garden centre is a place they can return to for a guaranteed flawless service.

A great shopping experience

One key feature of a great online garden centre is a flawless shopping experience. It needs to be that your customers can experience the same level of efficiency that they would experience in-store. This means that the online shop section of your site should allow the user to easily search and browse your products, add them to their basket and check out safely and securely. All of these vital attributes can be ensured by choosing a great ecommerce platform that allows you to implement all of these features as well as build your beautifully designed website.

But it doesn’t stop there. The layout of your site should be clear and be easy to navigate, and products should be paired with high-quality images and detailed descriptions so everything the user could ever need is right there in front of them. It should eliminate the need for asking staff for help, and contribute to the overall convenience that online shopping brings.

If you need help ensuring your online garden centre is the best of the best – click here to contact Limely today to see what we can do for you!

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