How do you Make an Estate Agency Website?

In this day and age, the place to be is online – no matter your industry

Many of us turn to the internet and our favourite search engine to solve many of our queries – finding our dream home being one of them. That said, it’s time for many businesses on the high street, including estate agents, to make the leap and create an effective online space. But how do you go about it? We’ve collated some of the main steps towards making an estate agency website to get you on your way.

Identify a platform

One of the first steps in creating your estate agency website is to find the best platform for your individual business. Template platforms are great for a quick and easy launch but don’t have much flexibility or originality. Here at Limely, we highly recommend the platform WordPress as with estate agency websites being primarily content-heavy, it provides the best content management tools around.

Find an agency

A lot of work, time and effort goes into creating a website on WordPress and might not be something you could fit into your busy schedule. If that is the case, then the next step would be to find a good web design agency that could do all the work for you. When working with a web agency, you’re guaranteed to have every aspect of your website perfected to a level which will do nothing but bring great results for your agency.

Take Limely for example. We have tons of experience working with WordPress and can effectively bring your agency to life online. Click here to take a look at our work!

Finalise your brand

The design of your website should do nothing but reflect your in-office branding. This includes your selected colour palette, font, logo and everything else that is recognisable as you. So, before heading off to design, you and your team should finalise everything and narrow down what exactly represents your brand. This will help effectively transport everything about your agency onto an online space.

Fill your gallery

Whilst trying to make your website reflect your unique brand, you should be building up a gallery of pictures which can be used to effectively take your estate agency and everything from its main office and its team, online. By getting your hands on a high-quality camera or working with a photographer, you can snap pictures of your office, your team, your team members in action and even your home city in order to fill your website with effective imagery.

Solidify your marketing

Every great estate agency website should be paired with a solid marketing strategy. This might include regularly posting on social media or constructing effective email marketing campaigns. This can either be done in house or working with a content marketing team like that found at Limely. Sustaining a solid marketing strategy means you are constantly demonstrating your online presence, reaching out to wide audiences and providing ample opportunities for users to follow through to your site and use your services.

Are you looking to create a brand new estate agency website? Then look no further than Limely! Click here to enquire today!

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