Building A Successful Accountancy Website

If you’re just beginning your venture into the online world, you’ve come to the right place!

Building a brand new accountancy website can take some time to get it just right, especially when it comes to design. However, when you do get it right – it opens a whole new world of possibilities for your business. So, to set you on the right path we thought we’d share the key steps to building an effective website that does nothing but boosts your business.

Start a mind map or mood board

To kick off your design journey the right way, even before you seek any external help, you need to begin jotting down some of your ideas and visions, When it comes to thinking of your designs for your website, your thoughts should cover areas like colour palettes, layouts and buttons to start to get a rough idea of what you would want your website to look like. Your site should wholeheartedly represent every aspect of your business; from your quality of service, attention to customer care and your unique stance that sets you apart from your competitors. This should be taken into consideration when pulling together your ideas, and come across to your user. Ask yourself questions such as, ‘What colours represent you?’, ‘What would you want your website to achieve, and what needs to be one your website to do so?’


For some, website design could also be the beginning of building up your branding. This might include your logo, merchandising and other aspects that will help your future clients identify our firm. Just like you did when you were getting your first design ideas down, the same needs to be applied when thinking about your branding. Asking yourself questions like; ‘What comes to mind when you think of your firm?’ What’s the most important thing for your team?’ ‘What impression do you want to give your clients?’. This will help you narrow down your thoughts on potential logos and branding, and get you on the path to something great.

Find an agency to help

All the ideas that you have collated for design and branding is a great thing to present to an agency that you have chosen to help you build your website. Seeking professional help when constructing your online presence is the best way to guarantee quality in every aspect, so your business can be rightly represented online.

Showing a design agency or web agency your ideas will help them integrate your business into their design so they can create something truly bespoke and unique that truly fits your specific business. Here at Limely for example, our skilled designers have a set process which consists of meetings and constant communication to make sure they capture your business and create designs that you’ll be proud to associate with your accountancy firm. View Limely’s previous design work!

Think about your clients

Another thing you should be thinking about when it comes to working on your web designs is what is going to appeal most to your potential clients. This calls for questions like ‘Who are you target audience?’ ‘What will make their online experience the best it can be?’ and ‘How can we urge leads?’. This can be applied to certain design styles, strategic layouts and the creations of buttons, links and contact forms which can all be made with the user and their experience in mind to ensure your site’s designs not only look good, but bring in results too.

Think about accessibility

Still thinking about your users, you need to be thinking about how you can adapt your design to cater to every single one of their needs. This includes offering up the most important pages within easy to use navigation, as well as designing forms that make enquiries and contacting your team as simple as possible. This might also include adapting your designs to make them accessible for those who have visual, physical or hearing disabilities and want to benefit from your services. We spoke about how you can make your site more accessible through aspects such as design over on our blog.

Do you need some help with creating the best designs for your accountancy website? Click here to contact Limely today – they’ll be the first step towards online greatness.

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