10 Inspiring Ecommerce Websites

When launching a new ecommerce website, it’s always good to get inspired by other successful sites out there!

Whether you’re in the fashion, tech or beauty industry, we’ve found a whole host of inspirational ecommerce websites to show you. From excellent checkout processes to a multitude of trust signals or a simplistic yet effective website layout, there are a range of reasons why we love these sites! Without further ado, let’s dive straight in…

1. Nike

One of the biggest sportswear brands on the planet, we adore Nike’s sleek and effective ecommerce site. The website layout in clean, sharp and elegant whilst photography is energetic, fun and vibrant, creating a perfect balance between the two. Trust signals are presented throughout the site, navigation is effectively streamlined and the user experience is second to none. Overall, it leaves viewers feeling energised and raring to get active – what more could you want from an activewear brand?

2. Loaf

We love the quirky and cosy feel of this homeware brand’s website. Loaf is oozing with personality thanks to the considered and creative use of photography and bespoke iconography that sets it apart from other brands. Call to actions are clear and brand colours are utilised throughout to ensure seamless site navigation and a superior customer journey. You can help but smile when landing on the site and that’s got to say something!

3. allbirds

Sustainable clothing brand allbirds have created an ecommerce website that truly reflects their core values.


Full to the brim of style and substance, the Beats website instantly celebrates tech and puts their products at the heart of every page. Seamless transitions and a minimal navigation bar ensures that users can quickly and easily find the product they’re looking for and checkout within minutes. The website feels effortless, refined and cool – just how a tech brand should!

5. Ikea

The Swedish furniture giant has an unrivalled ecommerce store which is bursting with nifty tools and clever features. The homepage banner instantly instils trust in customers by highlighting free collection and 0% interest payment options whilst product hotspots allow users to browse products by room – allowing them to visualise the products in their own space. The site is minimal, inspiring and offers a brilliant experience for users from all walks of life.

6. Frank Body

Frank Body is a bath and beauty ecommerce site that oozes character and charm due to the clever use of brand colours and typewriter style font – the website feels friendly and welcoming, almost like your best friend is recommending their favourite products to you. In particular, we love how the products are displayed. Each product has its customer star rating beneath it (building trust) whilst icons are utilised to showcase the key benefits of each product – we love it!

7. Sous Chef

Turning to a completely different industry, Sous Chef have mastered their website design by utilising creative photography to inspire their audience and utilising their shocking red brand colour to guide users to their ‘shop’ and ‘sale’ pages. The navigation menu is expertly laid out to ensure that users can quickly sift through products by categorising them in an accessible and intuitive way. The website packs a punch (just like their flavours) and we love the bold and confident design.

8. Patagonia

The Patagonia website truly reflects the brand’s core values of sustainability, activism and adventure. The navigation bar highlights these values as soon as customers land on the site. The Patagonia website has storytelling running through its veins and this is even filtered down to the products. Product photography is sharp and colour picker tools are utilised so users can quickly flick between colours to find the one they love the most.

The website makes you want to go for a hike and get into nature even if you’re not the outdoorsy type – and that shows just how successful the design is!

9. Butternut Box

We couldn’t help but feature this adorable homepage featuring two lovely dogs! But it’s not just the cute dogs that have enticed us. This website design boldly utilises colour to reflect their brand whilst features such as the ‘build a box’ form where you can choose your own dog’s breed makes the experience feel entirely personalised and unique. A simple quiz allows users to build the perfect food subscription box for their dog and the process feels like a breeze!

10. Tile Merchant

Finally, we couldn’t help but include a brilliant ecommerce website that we designed and developed ourselves! The Tile Merchant website is sleek, offers seamless navigation and lightning fast speed to provide the best possible experience for shoppers.

Trust signals are highlighted on the homepage and showcase the unique selling points of Tile Merchant compared to competitors. Not only that, unique features such as the room calculator and trade login area make this ecommerce website extremely impressive – kudos to Team Limely!

Feeling inspired by these ecommerce designs? Get in touch to see what we can do for your business!

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