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10 Brilliant Garden Centre Websites We Love

Garden Centres bring about everything you would need for immaculate landscapes and Sunday afternoons,  an essence that can easily be captured online

With online shopping taking over every industry possible, it’s no surprise that Garden Centres have taken advantage of the benefits of ecommerce and taken their business online. A typical Garden Centre is known for its convenience and fun qualities that make for an out of the ordinary shopping experience and more often than enough, a great day out for all the family. But how have those that have taken those services online captured that in a website?

Well, we thought we’d take a look at some Garden Centre websites which not only effectively replicate their physical store, but the same level of customer service and shopping experience. Take a look!

Hardy’s Plants

Hardy’s are a plant nursery who send seedlings, outdoor and indoor plants straight to your door, as well as host shows and provide lots of essential information for plant lovers.

Leaf Envy

Leaf Envy is a sleek and stylish hub that sells gorgeous houseplants as well as providing lots of information that could quickly turn a plant novice into a green-fingered wizzard! The website design is clean, simple and easy to navigate – and they like dogs too which is always a bonus!

Leaf Envy


Primrose not only provide a space where you can order plants straight to your door, but all the garden essentials that you would usually find in a garden centre.

Primrose Plant

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Sticking to a colour palette which represents all things green and natural, Dobbies shows users the kind of business they are through their use of colour within the design, all whilst making it easy for customers to shop with a clear search bar.

Cherry Lane

Cherry Lane makes it known that they are the place to be if you’re looking for great value products and services. Shopping for these products is also made easy in the way their most popular categories are displayed on the homepage, paired with CTAs and a clear navigation menu.


Notcutts have certainly captured the quintessential style found within a Garden Centre with the way it displays the day’s temperature, as well as garden advice right there in the header. It shows their customer-centric attitude, as does their layout which makes for easy shopping.


Squires also have opted to display the weather; a lovely touch which brings the essence of community and customer focus normally found in a physical garden centre. This, paired with a layout that provides the customer with everything they would need, as well as clear and easy to use navigation, makes for a great garden centre website.


Hayloft successfully captures the happy and helpful essence expected from a Garden Centre, whilst using images, CTAs and a clear navigation menu to provide a great shopping experience.

Patch Plants

Patch Plants have a beautifully simple and clean website design that oozes with character. Bespoke illustrations dotted throughout their site are used to demonstrate personality and aid the user in their plant-loving journey.

Plant Shop Manchester

Plant Shop Manchester is a cool, urban plant shop that utilises colour to create a youthful and vibrant feel. The website layout is simple and they offer a range of delivery options from home delivery to click-and-collect for a seamless customer journey.

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