Top 5 Games You Can Play via Zoom

Niko Moustoukas

Lately, we have put on a lot of focus on how you keep your work-life afloat – but keeping your social life alive is important too!

Last week, we took you through some of the best video platforms/apps that are floating about at the minute; helping businesses keep in contact with their staff to remain business as usual. One that has considerably grown in popularity is Zoom, an American software available which provides you with a high quality and efficient means to contact your friends and colleagues via password-protected chatrooms on your desktop or smartphone.

As great as it is for business meetings, that shouldn’t restrict your use! Its great features allow you to reconnect with your mates as well as entertain yourself during lockdown. There’s been a couple of fun games and activities buzzing around social media which are made possible by Zoom, so we thought we’d compile a list of the best ones we’ve seen so you can arm yourself with what you need for a great night in with your mates.


Drawasaurus is an online space in which people can create/join games of Pictionary either with their friends or those online. It also allows you to create private rooms in which you can share with your friends. Quickly try to guess what is being drawn, and spend hours competing to see who is the Picasso amongst you and your mates. Zoom also allows you to display all videos onto your desktop, so you can truly get that party feel.

Scavenger Hunt

Now, all you need for this one is Zoom, and a good group who are up for a challenge. A great way to kill boredom, a Zoom Scavenger Hunt consists of a designated leader shouting out a random object, and giving the rest of the players a limited time to find it around their house. A game of speed and quick thinking, it’s a fun way to utilise your time stuck at home.

Pub Quiz

We can’t be the only ones missing the pub. Well, now you can bring all the fun and comradery of a pub to your home via Zoom! And what says a night at the pub better than a pub quiz. By using a shared screen, or the old fashioned pen and paper, you can conduct a pretty good quiz in which you make a weekly occurrence, or just a one-off.  Arming yourself with bevs, or just some good snacks, a great quiz via Zoom can make for a very entertaining evening for everyone.

Here’s a snapshot of Limely’s from last week where Designer Adam took the role of Quiz Master!


Missing playing your favourite card game with your pals? PlayingCards is a site that allows you to play classic games like checkers and backgammon, as well as craft your own card game in which you can play with your friends online. A similar platform to Drawasaurus, PlayingCards allows you to create private rooms where you and your friends can play to your hearts content. So, get everyone gathered on Zoom, set up your card game and kiss that boredom g’bye.

Good Ol’ Charades

It doesn’t have to be Christmas for you to enjoy charades! It’s a simple solution to a bored household that only requires family, friends and a Zoom chatroom. Select a way to choose your films, book titles etc and get playing! It’s the game that will just keep on giving. (And hey, when you eventually get bored, just move on to another one of these games!).

What ways have you been reconnecting with your friends during the lockdown? Find us on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to join the conversation!

Niko Moustoukas


When Niko isn’t coding and helping clients, you’ll find him playing poker with friends and Greek dancing to his favourite tunes 🪩

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