Spotify Wrapped 2022: Team Limely Edition

Niko Moustoukas

The annual Spotify Wrapped has finally landed! Let’s find out what Team Limely have been listening to this year.

If you’re like us, you’ll have been anticipating your Spotify Wrapped for a few months now. This year, Spotify have upped their game and added a few new features to the annual music round-up. Want to know your listening personality? How many minutes you’ve listened to? Or even get a video message from your favourite artist? You can get it all with Spotify Wrapped 2022.

We love finding out which artists floated people’s boats so we thought we’d take a look at Team Limely’s results! Without further ado, let’s delve in…

Tropical House Obsessed, Matt

First up, let’s take a look at what Operations Manager, Matt listens to in his downtime. It’s no surprise to us that Matt’s top genre was Tropical House as his incessant requests for Kygo kinda gave the game away! However, little did we know that he was such a huge George Ezra fan. Whilst he claims that this is the doing of his 3 year old son, we’re pretty convinced that he loves a bit of Green Green Grass himself! And we respect that.

Rock Lover, Graham

It’s safe to say that developer Graham is the biggest music nerd in the office! He’s even in a band you know? So it’s really no surprise to us that he listened to a whopping 64,891 minutes of music this year – and that’s not counting all the gigs he went to! As a huge Radiohead fan, we could have predicted that they would have been his number 1 artist but we are pretty impressed that he was in the 0.001% of top Radiohead fans this year.. woah!


Pop Queen, Jess

We could’ve guessed that pop sensation Taylor Swift would be Jess’ number 1 artist of the year considering how much she goes on about her in the office. However, we’re pretty surprised that Swift didn’t take up all 5 top song spots. Lorde, Harry Styles and Camilla Cabello managed to scoop third, fourth and fifth whilst Lil Nas X scooped up the top song spot – now there’s a curveball!

Rap & Hip Hop Lover, Paul

Our SEO expert Paul surprised us with his rap-heavy results! With a grand total of 19,754 minutes of rap and hip-hop listened to in 2022, it’s safe to say that Paul has some pretty impressive music taste. Paul’s top songs include Gospel by Dr. Dre and Eminem and Strangers by Run The Jewels ft. ASAP Rocky.

We hope you enjoyed the insight into Team Limely’s music taste! For more Limely news and updates, head to our blog.

Niko Moustoukas


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