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Once again, we’re welcoming a brand new client on board!

This time around, we’re saying a great big hello to Roundtower. Highly esteemed within their industry, Roundtower offer two distinct services within the building, construction and conservation markets. Roundtower Lime supplies premium lime-based products and building materials whilst Roundtower Hardware provide premium architectural ironmongery. We’ll be designing and developing two Shopify websites that capture the Roundtower brand and encourage sales. Find out more about the brand and exactly what we’ll be doing below!

Who are Roundtower?

Founded in 1998 by Richard Good-Stephenson and his team, Roundtower is steeped in architectural history. Roundtower was originally born as a result of Richard embarking on a mission to restore his family’s ancestral home, Cor Castle. Realising that the materials he needed to complete the restoration were few and far between, he spotted a gap in the market and set up a business as a result. Roundtower is now a leading supplier of lime-based products throughout Ireland, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the US and China.

Not only that, the company is also a market leader in supplying sustainable and eco-friendly building materials and systems, working with a diverse range of clients from builders and architects to tradespeople and homeowners. Priding themselves on their premium-quality products and superior technical support, Roundtower also offers exceptional customer service, making them a force to be reckoned with within their niche.

Additionally, Roundtower Hardware specialise in the supply of premium architectural ironmongery. As members of the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers, it’s safe to say that Roundtower offers the best of the best when it comes to hardware for the doors, cabinets, kitchens and construction. In-touch with the latest fire safety and building standards, all of their hardware products are suitable for residential, commercial and public buildings, making them a leading supplier throughout the UK and Ireland.

What will Limely do?

Roundtower approached us in need of not one but two brand new ecommerce websites that can support their growth, scale their brands and drive online sales. We’ll be designing and developing two show-stopping Shopify ecommerce sites that drive growth, increase customer engagement, offer superior UX and of course, increase conversions. We’ll be utilising Roundtower’s existing brand colours and infusing a sophisticated elegance with a range of earthy neutrals that refine the brand identity and ensure aesthetically appealing websites. The ecommerce sites themselves will be design-led to reflect the premium nature of the brands and lots of high-quality imagery will be incorporated within the website design to showcase the high-end products that Roundtower provide.

Additional techniques and elements such as layered, hierarchical navigation, responsive design and user-generated content (UGC) will be employed to ensure superior UX for every site visitor and position both brands and leading players within their respective niches. We can’t wait to get stuck into this project and get Roundtower the ecommerce results they deserve!

Need a helping hand with an ecommerce website for your business? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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