Our Monthly Round-Up: June

Jessica Slack

Goodbye to June: the hottest month of 2018 for the UK and by far, one of the busiest months for us at Limely.

With both a rise in temperature and productivity, the Limely office has been non-stop recently. Keep reading to find out what we got up to in June. ☀

5th June – Adiona Choose Limely

Innovative travel booking experts Adiona choose Limely to propel their new business venture into new digital heights. We’ll be creating fresh new branding for the company and building them a functional, clean website, too.

6th June – Springer Sign Off Designs

Another project that Adam’s been getting stuck into: healthcare company Springer has officially signed off on their new website designs. We can’t wait to get stuck into building this one on WordPress!

7th June – World Cup Sweepstake Draw

It’s that time again… the World Cup is in full swing! In full Limely tradition, we all drew out a few countries each for the office sweepstake. Although the group stages are pretty much over, you might be interested to know who everyone got…

Niko: England, Argentina, Portugal, France (jammy sod!)
Senegal, Nigeria, Peru, Switzerland
Brazil, Croatia, Iran, Serbia
Germany, Belgium, Russia, Egypt
Emma H: 
Colombia, Denmark, Tunisia, Uruguay 
Emma A: 
Costa Rica, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Spain
Australia, Iceland, Panama, Poland
Charity pot:
 Mexico, South Korea, Sweden, Morocco

Who would your money be on?

13th June – New Carpet Fitted!

Oh it really was about time, wasn’t it? We’re so proud of our city-centre office but there was just something missing… So, we had a brand new carpet installed! We didn’t want to go for a boring, corporate pattern so we decided to mix it up with some cool mismatched tiles.

14th June – Lingerie Outlet Store Sign Off Designs

You’ll probably remember us starting the design process back in March – well, we’ve officially completed that stage now! Our designer Emma has been working hard on getting the fresh new retail site looking beautiful. It’s now in the hands of the dev team.

19th June – Global Travel Group Training

After a whole team effort working on the new project for The Global Travel Group, we got them in for training last week. We’re all really happy with the results and looking forward to what’s set to be a fantastic future with the company.

22nd June – Bane Visits Limely

It was was Bring Your Dog to Work Day on the 22nd, so of course, we had to welcome a friendly face into the office! Graham’s dog Bane was a great addition to Team Limely for the day – he even took part in a very important meeting.

That’s all from us for this month… see you in another 30 days or so!

Jessica Slack

Content Marketing Executive

When Jess isn’t writing content for clients, you’ll find her painting in her art studio, walking in nature and enjoying delicious coffee ☕️

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