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Our Favourite Memes Of 2022 (So Far)

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This year (like many before) has been full to the brim of chaos and craziness! So we thought we’d lighten the mood with our favourite memes and social trends from the last few months…

We’ve seen it all in 2022! From the Prime Minister’s resignation, to the infamous heatwave, England winning the women’s Euros and the Queen’s platinum jubilee. If that’s not enough to create some cracking memes from, we don’t know what is!

Prince Louis

Whether you revelled in the Platinum Jubilee celebrations or couldn’t bear it, there’s one thing that brought everyone together, and that was Prince Louis. Whether he was covering his ears in pain, falling asleep or looking as bored as you can be, his facial expressions are iconic. The question is, which Louis are you today?


It’s too hot!

We can all agree that July was an absolute scorcher! And the memes that came along with the hot weather were priceless too. We particularly liked this very British reaction to the summer sun☀️ 


Wheels V doors?

If you haven’t been asked the question ‘are there more wheels or doors in the world’ then you clearly haven’t got out much in 2022! Whilst there are theories behind both sides of the argument, we’ll never know the answer for sure. Unless we collectively count every car and door on the planet which, is very unlikely…

wheels v doors tiktok trend

I dunno Jeff

For those who love to keep up with the drama infused world of UK politics, the 5th July was up there with the most memorable days. Resignation after resignation after resignation, it was pretty much non-stop and there was no chance of getting away from the antics for a good few days.

Whilst the whole country looked on in horror, Chris Kamara naturally missed all the action and summarised his views with this brilliant tweet

Chris Kamara Tweet

Oscar Gate

The news that shocked the world during the Oscars generated some absolute belters. This was one of the tamest memes we could find to share on our blog and pretty much sums up how the incident sent shockwaves through society.


TikTok Tortilla Challenge

TikTok is well known for its crazy challenges and this one is nothing less than crazy! Graham and Niko put the viral challenge to the test and tried it out for themselves (much to our amusement), tap below to see how it turned out…


Big Jet Tv

During the windy days of February 2022 the whole of the UK was addicted to watching planes making wobbly landings. Big Jet TV got more airtime than ever before and the pilots took centre stage for their 15 minutes of fame whilst the UK population watched with eyes wide open.


Mr Men & Little Miss meme

We loved this meme trend so much that we made one for every member of Team Limely! Tap below to find out which characters we all are…

Little Miss & Mr Men

It came home ⚽️

Last but definitely not least, there were memes a plenty celebrating the Lionesses winning the Euros! After a huge 56 years of hurt for England, the women’s team finally brought it home and we couldn’t be more proud


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