Our 7 Best Optician Websites In 2024


In 2024, the eyewear industry is set to explode!

Currently valued at $5.71 billion dollars, the global eyewear market is set to exceed $6.29 billion by 2028. Considering that the online market is a key element to the growth of the industry, it’s clear that opticians and eyewear specialists should prioritise their ecommerce websites in 2024 and beyond. Whether you’re an independent opticians, existing eyewear ecommerce brand or something in between, we’ve gathered our favourite optician websites of 2024 to provide you with the inspiration you need to succeed.

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1. Specsavers

Possibly the most infamous opticians of all, Specsavers is certainly well known for their humorous “Should have gone to Specsavers” tv ads, and their website is just as slick. The website layout is clean, minimal and extremely focused on offering streamlined navigation to ensure users find what they’re looking for. Here are some of our favourite things about the Specsavers’ website:

  • ‘Virtual try-on’ feature allows users to try glasses on, from the comfort of their own home
  • Users can order their prescription lenses for their glasses by answering a few simple questions
  • ‘Shop by style’ feature allows users to shop eyewear by their preferred shape and style and offers streamlined UX
  • Customer login area saves a user’s details and allows them to re-order their contact lenses
  • Seamless appointment booking form allows users to quickly book a slot at their closest location

2. Ace & Tate

Ace & Tate is one of the most fashionable and modern opticians around, so it’s no wonder their website reflects this! The homepage is bold, vibrant and youthful and features a grid layout showcasing a range of eyewear styles on a diverse range of models, instantly highlighting the inclusivity of the brand. The ecommerce site is clean, boasts high-quality photography that showcases products in a beautiful light and quite frankly, makes glasses and eyewear feel uber trendy. Here are some of our favourite things:

  • Bright, optimistic and bold website design reflects Ace & Tate’s core brand values
  • The website feels like an extension of their in-store retail experience
  • Users can shop by frame style, width or colour for streamlined UX
  • Editorial-style imagery is dotted throughout category pages for inspiration

3. Vision Express

Often sharing the spotlight with Specsavers, Vision Express is one of the key players in the eyewear market. Their ecommerce website is bursting with trust signals that instantly build trust and encourage users to convert. Additionally, streamlined navigation and a clean website layout ensure users can quickly find what they’re looking for. While their website may feel slightly function over fashion, it certainly does a great job at encouraging users down the buying funnel and driving conversions.

  • Trust Pilot integration instantly instills customer trust and bespoke iconography further highlights their trustworthiness and dependability
  • ‘Book An Appointment’ call-to-action is prominent and eye-catching thank to clever use of their vibrant fuchsia brand colour and aids UX as users can quickly book an appointment as soon as they land on the site
  • The site is extremely customer-centric with features including a ‘Re-order’ option, customer account area and wishlist which aid in building customer loyalty
  • Extensive filtering options on the category pages allow customers to quickly narrow down their search and leads to a high-speed UX

4. Glasses Direct

Glasses Direct are an ecommerce brand who have gone from strength to strength since 2004. Reimagining the traditional glasses shopping experience into an accessible, affordable and enjoyable one, the brand is now one of the UK’s leading glasses provider stocking over 1000 frame options. The website offers seamless navigation, instantly builds customer trust and layered, hierarchal navigation ensures users find exactly what they’re looking for, fast! Here are some of our favourite features:

  • ‘Free Home Trial’ & ‘Free Returns’ messages within the top notification banner instnatly instils trust and highlights that the brand has confidence in their products
  • Extensive mega-menu allows for streamlined navigation and superior UX as users can shop in whatever way they wish e.g. ‘Shop by shape’ or ‘Shop by colour’
  • Graphic images are largely focused on discount codes and time-limited offers to encourage sales, reflecting their brand values of affordability and accessibility
  • Various payment options including Klarna reaffirm that the brand is dedicated to offering the most affordable glasses and eyewear in the industry

5. Specscart

Specscart is one of the fastest growing eyewear startups int he UK. Alongside their high-street stores, they’ve also got a standout online presence. Their ecommerce site is sleek, professional and instantly instils trust in site visitors thanks to an abundance of customer reviews and a ticker bar highlighting the esteemed brands they’ve worked with in their short life. Here are a few of our favourite things:

  • Ticker feature showcases the highly-esteemed brands they’ve worked with or been featured by and instantly positions them as an industry leader
  • Considered use of vibrant brand colours guides users to where they need to go and ensures a streamlined user journey
  • Videos of employees allow users to instantly get a feel for the brand and instil trust from the outset
  • Promotional banners are used across the site to highlight savings and offers that encourage sales
  • FAQ section is great for customers and also from an SEO perspective

6. bloobloom

One of the more fashion-forward and stylish optician websites, bloobloom oozes sophistication and a modern energy. The editorial-style website layout and photography lends itself well to this design-led sustainable eyewear brand that prides itself on its visionary glasses. As a very unique brand within the eyewear and optician industry, it’s only natural that its ecommerce site also stands out from the crowd. Here are a few of our favourite features:

  • High-end, editorial photography instantly positions the brand as premium and design-led
  • A unique website layout makes the website stand out from the competition
  • An extra large ticker displays the highly-esteemed brands that cements bloobloom as a visionary brand
  • ‘Free Eye Test’ call-to-action stands out in the menu bar and allows users to quickly book a test at one of their locations

7. Direct Sight

Direct Sight is another online-online opticians website that specialises in glasses and eyewear. The website layout is sleek, minimal and allows their products to shine in the online realm. With no physical stores, the brand has to hammer home their trustworthiness and the website truly aids in doing that with a range of guarantees and trust signals. Here are just a few of our favourite things:

  • Image-led mega-menu aids in crafting a superior user journey that is lightning-fast and streamlined
  • Bursting with trust signals thanks to a Trust Pilot integration and unique icons that highlight key USPs
  • A unique ‘Reglaze’ service allows customers to replace their lenses whilst keeping their beloved frames, increasing customer retention and loyalty
  • Online chat offers exceptional customer service which again, builds trust

And there we have it! Our top 7 opticians and eyewear websites. Whether you’re just starting out on your ecommerce journey or are looking to expand your eyewear brand, we hope these sites have inspired you in one way or another!

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*The use of brand logos and images within this blog post is solely for editorial and illustrative purposes to highlight and discuss our favourite optician websites. This usage is not intended to infringe upon the intellectual property rights of the trademark owners.


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