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Limely Welcomes ZONE3!

Jessica Slack

Well, well, well! It’s time to welcome aboard a brand new client.

This time around, we’re giving a warm welcome to dynamic sportswear brand, ZONE3. Founded by elite triathlete and World Champion James Lock back in 2006, ZONE3 offers specialist clothing and accessories for triathletes. We’re so excited to be supporting this growing ecommerce brand with their SEO efforts and can’t wait to see the results that ZONE3 truly deserve. Find out more about the brand and exactly what we’ll be doing below!

Who are ZONE3?

ZONE3 was founded back in 2006 by elite triathlete, James Lock. Back then, Lock’s goal was simply to create activewear that would give him a competitive advantage during triathlon competitions and make enough money to support his professional athletic career. Since then, ZONE3 has grown beyond expectations and had extremely successful partnerships and collaborations with high-profile brands including Harrods, London Triathlon, USA Triathlon and has even received the Queen’s Award For Enterprise by Her Majesty back in 2018.

ZONE3 offers a range of high-quality, specialist activewear products for swimming, cycling and running, designed to enhance the performance, comfort and confidence of triathletes and adventurous hobbyists across the globe. Technical fabrics featuring advanced technology such as water-repellent coatings, drag-resistant finishes, thermal textiles and hydrophobic fabrics, offer advanced functionality and enable customers to achieve their very best whether they are running, swimming or cycling!

The brand vision is one to be admired; The primary goal of ZONE3 is to develop high-performance activewear that has a minimal impact on the environment and nature. Bridging the gap between performance and sustainability is becoming increasingly important within the technical textile industry and ZONE3 is leading the way with a range of eco-conscious materials made from the likes of recycled plastic water bottles and even bioplastic packaging that dissolves in hot water! Respectful of nature’s power and with a deep understanding of the importance of nature when it comes to sports such as open water swimming and cycling, it’s clear that ZONE3 is a forward-thinking and eco-conscious brand that strives to empower individuals through sports while retaining an inherent respect for our planet.

What will Limely do?

As ZONE3 are striving to increase new customers, drive organic traffic to their site, improve organic page rankings within the SERPs and boost their overall revenue, we’ll be implementing a range of expert SEO strategies to achieve their goals and generate the results the brand deserves.

We will perform in-depth technical and content audits to assess the existing status of the site before implementing technical fixes and identifying new opportunities for growth. Keyword research, GAP analysis and competitor analysis will underpin our SEO improvements to ensure that any on-page optimisations and internal linking strategies are aligned with the overarching SEO strategy to maximise success. Additionally, content suggestions and content briefs will be created to ensure that ZONE3 are crafting valuable content that aligns with their goals, targets our high-value keywords and ultimately, drives more quality traffic to the website.

Overall, we are extremely excited to be working with such an innovative brand that not only offers a fantastic product, but also nurtures existing customers and empowers individuals to be their best, all while respecting our natural environment.

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Jessica Slack

Content Marketing Executive

When Jess isn’t writing content for clients, you’ll find her painting in her art studio, walking in nature and enjoying delicious coffee ☕️

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