Chester voted world’s most beautiful city


The wonderful city that Limely calls home has been voted the world’s most beautiful City! And here’s why…

Our beloved, characterful city of Chester has outdone major competition as it was recently named the most beautiful city in the world, according to an online study. Outshining the beautiful Italian cities of Venice and Rome and even the melting-pot capital of England, Team Limely couldn’t be more proud to be located in such an iconic place!


The history of Chester

The rich history of Chester is without doubt the reason why the city oozes such beauty and charm. Featuring some of the most ancient streets and walls in the country, it’s clear that the city is steeped in history and tradition.

Dating way back to the 1st century AD, the Romans strategically positioned themselves in the area and built the city as the centre of Roman Britain. According to many sources, Chester was in fact a prime location during their reign as they intended to invade Ireland and North Wales.

Iconic landmarks

The iconic castle was built during the dark ages, after the city came under attack from the Vikings. Later, the castle served as a military base under the reign of Henry III and Edward I. But the castle isn’t the only iconic landmark that Chester has to offer! As you walk through the cobbled, characterful streets, you’re met with grand architectural features such as the amphitheatre and ruins of the city walls.

One of the most infamous landmarks in the city is the Eastgate Tower which dates back to Roman times. Whilst the tower is now famous for the beautiful clock that sits at its peak, the clock wasn’t added until the late 19th century, to celebrate Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee. Word on the street is that the clock is the most photographed in England, following Big Ben and attracts millions of tourists each year – what an accolade!

And we haven’t even got to the beauty of the River Dee yet, have we? This stunning river flows through Wales and England and eventually leads to the Dee Estuary where it ends up in Liverpool Bay. Surprisingly, it’s actually one of the most famous rivers in the world for salmon fishing. Don’t worry, we were shocked too!


The most beautiful city

So how did Chester become the most beautiful city in the world? Online Mortgage Adviser undertook a study called Eye-Catching Architecture in which they used the mathematical method of the ‘golden ratio’ to objectively identify cities across the globe that the majority of individuals find beautiful. Sounds complicated, right?

Put simply, the golden ratio was identified hundreds of years ago and describes ‘divine proportions’ that are often found in nature. Commonly used within art and design, the ratio ensures that the maximum amount of people will believe something to be inherently beautiful.


The study assessed buildings throughout the globe according to the golden ratio. The ones that came out on top are the cities with the most buildings that align with the ratio. So in other words, Chester has the most inherently beautiful buildings, of any other city in the world – And that’s something to be proud of!

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