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BetMakers Goes Live!


We’ve just hit the launch button on a brand new site for leading betting solutions provider, BetMakers Technology Group.

June turned out to be a rather busy month for Team Limely didn’t it? The launch of this brand new b2b lead-generation site for BetMakers marked the second launch of the month! If you want to find out exactly what we did to transform the online experience for BetMakers, you’ll want to read on.

Who are BetMakers?

BetMakers are a leading solutions provider within the global regulated betting industry and whilst they’re based in Australia, their reach knows no bounds. State-of-the-art technology combined with exceptional customer service puts the brand a cut above the rest and this is exactly what BetMakers wanted to capture within the new website design.

What did Limely do?

Team Limely strengthened the overall brand identity of BetMakers’ family of b2b brands as their existing presentation was lacking the “oomph” needed to instantly capture their audience’s attention and bring their solutions to life. Incorporating the vibrant neon pink colour throughout the site was a fantastic tool for highlighting key call-to-actions and guiding users to where they need to go. Whilst the brand theme functionality allows the brand to adjust their brand colours, depending on what feel they want to achieve within a particular page.

Bespoke geometric graphics stand to reflect the fact that BetMakers are technological innovators and disruptors within their industry. Whilst the bold, striking and confident geometric shapes that overlay the bespoke banners across the website underpin Bet Makers’ brand values and strengthen their overall online brand presence. One thing’s for sure, this site will certainly leave a lasting impression to anyone who lands on it!

Global Racing Horse and Jockey

Implementing a bespoke multi-step form allowed us to enhance the user experience by making the enquiry process much more concise, succinct and easy to use whilst navigation is expertly streamlined to provide the best possible user experience. Our technical SEO experts were on hand throughout the entire process to ensure that the website’s rankings were as high as possible upon launch and no organic traffic was lost during the migration process.

We can’t wait to find out how the new site impacts BetMakers, generates more leads and improves their credibility within the industry. We’ve loved working on such a bold, unique and eye-catching website and wish BetMakers all the success for the future!

Want to find out more about this design? Head to our BetMakers Case Study to find out exactly what we did!


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