Apple Vision Pro: Web Revolution Or Another AR Flop?

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As the much-anticipated Apple Vision Pro finally launched on Friday 2nd February, we take a deep dive into the innovative tech!

The latest innovation from tech giant Apple, is finally here and it’s no surprise that there are mixed feelings about it! Whether you’re a first-adopter of the latest tech or tend to wait until new products have infiltrated the market for a few years before diving in headfirst, we’re sharing our thoughts on the much-anticipated Apple Vision Pro to show you the pros and cons of this advanced device!

Before we dive in, you might be in need of a few explanations as the whole augmented, virtual, mixed and extended reality jargon can get a tad confusing;

  • Extended Reality: Extended Reality is the umbrella term that covers all of the following technologies!
  • Augmented Reality (AR): AR is when a computer generated image is superimposed over a photograph or video of the viewers real world and surroundings, providing a combined view of two worlds.
  • Virtual Reality (VR): VR is completely computer generated so users can immerse themselves in another, virtual world.
  • Mixed Reality (MR): MR combines both VR and AR to create a completely unique experience for the user.

What is the Apple Vision Pro?

First announced back in June 2023, the Apple Vision Pro finally launched on February 2nd 2024. The eagerly-anticipated mixed-reality headset offers cutting-edge technology that allows users to surf the internet, watch movies or join a Teams meeting whilst moving freely about their daily lives. Before the Apple Vision Pro, users were restricted to accessing the web from static devices which meant they had to sit down to watch a movie on the TV or complete daily household tasks whilst peering over to their iPad streaming the latest season of their favourite show.

The Apple Vision Pro is a futuristic mixed-reality headset that allows users to surf the web or watch a movie whilst keeping their hands free to complete other tasks. When you wear the headset, it allows you to do the dishes while watching a Youtube Video, make a coffee without missing an important Zoom meeting or run on the treadmill while typing up an email! Dubbed the era of ‘Spatial Computing’, the innovative device has certainly caused a stir in the world of tech. Costing a small fortune with a hefty price tag of $3500, it certainly isn’t going to be used by the masses anytime soon, but it’s safe to say the device is certainly a pivotal invention akin to the development of the iPhone back in 2007.

Could this be a web revolution?

Similarly to many other Apple inventions (namely the iconic iPod and iPhone of the noughties), Apple have placed their bets on this innovation becoming the next big thing, and while we want to believe them, we’re not 100% convinced that the tech is ready to for everyday users. The device has also been named by some as a web revolution thanks to its complete reinvention of how we currently interact with the internet. Let’s start by taking a look at a few of the headset’s amazing features to see if it truly could stir up a web revolution;

  • Apple have managed to take the power of a Mac and put it into a headset, which is pretty cool in itself!
  • Extraordinary 4K resolution in each eye with over 1 billion pixels transmitted per second, making the headset’s visuals superior to any other headset around.
  • Incredible spacial awareness as a result of advanced LiDAR technology which is usually reserved for drones and satellites.
  • Advanced spacial audio utilises audio ray tracing technology to adjust your sound to your room’s acoustic properties – ensuring your experience is realistic.
  • High-performance eye-tracking capabilities allows users to select elements without using a hand-held controller, you simply have to look at an element to select it

With a list of features such as these, it’s certainly not a leap to think that the Apple Vision Pro could instigate a web revolution. Picture this, you’re running on the treadmill while watching a movie and typing up an urgent email. It sounds almost too good to be true; Talk about time-collapsing! In the era of productivity, the headset could for sure make an impact in the world of work and we’re pretty sure that many avid tech fans will be lapping up Apple’s latest device. Who wouldn’t want to take multi-tasking to the next level?

However, the device remains in a relatively rudimentary phase as users can only type up that email with one finger and only watch a movie that’s less than 120 minutes long due to the device’s short battery life. In sum, we think the headset could definitely revolutionise the web, it’s just not quite there yet.

Or just another AR flop?

Over the last decade, it’s safe to say we have seen a fair share of extended reality flops. We could go all the way back to the 1990’s and go through the plethora of rudimentary VR and AR headsets that didn’t gain the traction they desired but we’d be here for a pretty long time. Instead, the only notable AR headset flop that we need to mention is Google Glass; Google launched Google Glass back in 2014 to no avail and the product was swiftly removed from the market after less than a year. The search giant took another shot at Google Glass with the Enterprise Edition a few years later but once again, the tech was met with overwhelming underwhelm from most users.

So will Apple’s Vision Pro see the same fate?

At this stage, it’s hard to tell whether the tech will catch on or whether it’ll be another novelty invention that we’ll look back on with nostalgia in years to come. However, it’s safe to say that Apple have achieved a lot more than many of its competitors and being a trusted brand that is already so deeply penetrated into our daily lives, it’s certainly got a competitive edge when it comes to customer adoption.

Looking at the Apple Vision Pro from a purely technological standpoint, this is a pretty iconic innovation that doesn’t fail to impress. We’re not questioning the ingenuity of the tech whatsoever; But we are left wondering how this expensive, cumbersome and bulky piece of equipment could fit into our daily lives as it stands right now. Considering that its battery life is only 2 hours, many users have reported that it gets uncomfortable to wear after that time limit and you can only type using one finger, we’re not sure that the device will be flying off the shelves just yet, but we guess only time will tell how pivotal this moment could be for the future of the web!

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