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How To Sell Flowers and Plants Online

Nowadays, you can find almost anything online, making shopping for any product an activity you can do without leaving your living room, let alone your house.

As well as avid online shoppers, many of us find joy in tending to our gardens; shaping them into our very own slice of paradise. This includes filling it with stylish furniture, neatly trimmed edges and most importantly, beautiful fresh flowers in which you can watch bloom.

And as ecommerce and the gardening world collide, many garden centres and flower shops are looking to cater to their green-fingered audience, reach out to a wider audience and reap the financial benefits of selling online by making it possible to shop for flowers, compost and other gardening essentials from the comfort of their own home.

With that said, how can your garden business make the leap over to ecommerce and begin to sell flowers and compost online?

You could use a selling site…

There are many sites out there that provide a platform for anyone and everyone to sell their wares. Sites like Ebay, Etsy and Amazon are the simplest way to sell flowers and compost online as all it requires is an account and something to sell and you’re on your way!

Although easy, this would probably not be the greatest option for garden centres and existing shops. One of the greatest benefits of selling online is reaching a wide audience, one that you wouldn’t have been able to reach with a physical shop alone. Selling on selling sites restricts this, not allowing you to build a solid clientele due to its lack of marketing and advertising capabilities

As well as this, due to the accessibility of selling sites, it’s very difficult to build customer trust and reliability which are vital attributes to successfully selling online and evoking repeated business. Plus, it doesn’t allow you to demonstrate and individuality or show your businesses’ best bits through branding and design, so it’s very difficult to make your mark within ecommerce.

Or set up an online store using a website platform

You can also sell flowers and compost online by using a website builder. It provides you with a quick website building process with design templates and other attributes so you can quickly begin selling from your own online space. Although this might be a great option for those just starting, or small independent sellers existing garden centres and other gardening businesses, more would be needed to build a solid client base, online presence and encourage successful and returning sales.

Design templates are very handy for a quick launch, but it does mean you end up with a lot of ecommerce websites and online shops looking very similar. As well as necessary fees, it wouldn’t allow you to stand out amongst competitors and would mean bigger businesses and existing stores would not be able to inject their personal and recognisable branding. Although template sites hold the features that would enable you to start selling plants and flowers quickly, it will not provide you with everything you would need to sustain your business – not allowing you to perform at your fullest potential or truly have control of your online space.

Approaching an agency to build your very own ecommerce site

One solid way to begin selling flowers and compost online is creating your very own bespoke website with its own online shop. Collaborating with a web agency, like Limely, means at the end of the process you will not only have a space to sell your flowers and compost, be a website that has been specially designed and developed by experts who have a full understanding of your business and your goals. This is the best way to ensure ecommerce success and a platform that provides your customers with the best shopping experience.

Working side by side with designers not only guarantees your brands presence but results that will do nothing but attract and entice users. Same goes for development, as you will play a huge part in directing and shaping your dream space so your online shop can be a true reflection of your brand and quality of service.

Working with an agency means you can use renowned ecommerce platforms such as Magento 2, and a team of ecommerce experts. This gives you access to a huge range of features and attributes such as safe check out processes and flawless product pages,  that not only allow you to sell flowers and compost online but to do so efficiently. A bespoke website with a flawless shopping experience not only secures customer trust and reliability but ensures success and returning sales.

Are you looking to start selling and need a top-notch space to do so? Contact Limely today!

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