5 Restaurant Website Features To Beat The Competition

When it comes to standing out amongst the online competition, there are some features that will go a long, long way!

Over the years, we’ve designed and developed a range of advanced features to make restaurant websites truly shine. Not only do these features make for an impressive looking website, they also enhance the user experience, increase conversion and improve customer loyalty. If you’d like a slice of the action (or in this case, pizza) don’t hesitate to read on…

1. Interactive menu

The likelihood is that your restaurant website already has an online menu, but does it offer your customers an amplified experience and tons of additional value? Probably not. That’s where interactive menus come in.

When looking for a restaurant, most users head online to begin their research and straight to a restaurant’s online menu to get a feel for the dishes and price points on offer. However, as users are becoming increasingly tech savvy and the competition increasingly strong, it’s key to offer additional value at this point in the customer journey. An interactive menu can get down to the nitty gritty in terms of ingredients, calories and allergens; allowing users to click on a particular dish and view key information from ingredients to nutritional value.

2. Streamlined table reservation

In order to maximise the number of users who actually complete a table reservation booking, it’s key to ensure that the process is as simple as pie and as fast as lightning. No matter where a user first lands within your website, they should instantly recognise how to book a table. A great way to do this is to include an obvious call to action button within the sticky header, you can draw attention to this through the clever use of colour to ensure it stands out across all pages.

Not only that, the booking form itself must be efficient, fast and simple to ensure that you don’t lose potential customers due to an arduous and lengthy reservation process. Reducing the time between a visitor clicking book a table and completing the booking form is key to increasing bookings and improving customer satisfaction.

At Limely, we’ve created numerous table booking forms in our time. Take a look at this example for national restaurant chain Wildwood: The multi-step booking form is extremely user-friendly as it is broken down into simple, manageable steps, encouraging users to complete their booking in just a few clicks and in a matter of seconds.

3. CRM integration

In order to be successful, restaurant websites must seamlessly integrate with your in-house hospitality management systems to ensure top-quality customer service and efficient behind the scenes processes. Integrating CRM software into your website is key to ensure that you don’t double book tables, miss an online delivery order and keep on top of other tasks such as HR and payroll.

CRM tools such as Atreemo are brilliant features that enable restaurant businesses to increase profitability, improve compliance and reduce time wasted on general admin.

4. Reviews integration

Instilling customer trust and presenting your restaurant in the best light is key to gaining traction in terms of online bookings and orders. The more trustworthy and credible your website appears to new users, the more likely they are to become loyal customers. A great way to demonstrate trustworthiness is by integrating verified reviews into your website.

Through testimonial integration software such as Feed It Back, your restaurant website can showcase new and verified reviews without you having to manually update them. This is a key feature as it will ensure that new site visitors instantly trust your restaurant and are much more likely to place an online order or book a table as a result!

customer reviews

5. Promotional pages

A brilliant way to keep your restaurant website fresh, relevant and modern is by incorporating promotional pages into your website design. These pages are your chance to show users how they can celebrate special occasions such as Christmas, Easter or Birthdays at your restaurant and puts the thought in their mind even if its not something they were initially looking for when landing upon your site.

This is your chance to capture the mood and atmosphere of your restaurant whilst showcasing promotions such as set menus and special offers, so make the most of it!

Looking to upgrade your restaurant website or get started from scratch? Get in touch with our team today.

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