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Great design and development will only perform at its fullest potential with show-stopping content at its side…

So, in order to show potential leads how amazing you really are, your business needs the golden touch of Limely’s content writers who know exactly how to demonstrate your unique brand voice, draw in your target audience and produce results.



Limely's Content Writing

Amplify your business with...

Bespoke Web Copy

Demonstrating your unique tone, specific approach and attention to customer service through engaging website copy.


Enticing Blog Posts

Keeping your website up to date, demonstrating your online presence and boosting your SEO with regularly published blog posts.

Informative Articles

Educate your users and demonstrate your attentive customer service with industry-specific resources.

Strategic SEO Content

Applying content that has been strategically written to encompass your targeted keywords and boost your SEO.

Impactful Landing Pages

Crafting specific content to make for effective landing pages that guide users to other areas on your site and further boost your SEO.

Unforgettable Marketing Content

Writing engaging social media captions that pack a punch and urge the viewer to explore your business further.

Content Migration

Already have the content you need? We will make sure every word is transferred onto your brand new site.

And so much more!

Limely’s content services are completely flexible and can be tailored to fit your individual needs.


A key component to solid SEO

Written content drastically improves your presence within search engines.

From blog posts, web page copy and landing pages – all forms of content writing can drastically contribute to your search engine optimisation. Amongst other things, search engines use the content found on your site to provide its users with the best possible solutions for their queries.

That said, it’s important that your business utilises clear, concise and strategically written content wherever possible so your website can appear in all the right places and most importantly, to the right people.

The Handle Studio Homepage scaled

Advanced keyword research and strategic content writing for The Handle Studio

Utilising targeted keywords and putting a focus on their most popular products.

To further spread the word of their products and expert service, Limely wrote pages of SEO content for The Handle Studio in which was carefully applied to specific category pages to not only further inform and educate their users but put their researched keywords to use.

The informative content not only helped further demonstrate their attention to customer service but by seamlessly inserting their researched keywords, we made sure search engines would suggest their website to their targeted users hunting for the perfect handle.

With plenty of inserted CTA links, we also made sure that anyone that came across this page would be guided to other areas on their site.

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What does Limely's content do?



It’s relevant, helpful and hey, it’s interesting to read! Our content catches the eye of the reader and leave them wanting more from your business.



Expanding on the right topics and utilising the appropriate inserts, users will be able to act on the content and be lead to other areas of focus on your website.



Your content will leave users inspired, informed and educated on your services, and will feel reassured in the knowledge that your business is one that can be relied upon.


Utilising your blog area

Enabling the potential to reach wide audiences and boost SEO

Many businesses already benefit from a blog area, but not all of them take full advantage of it. Some are left to gather dust, and others are just forgotten about altogether.

In terms of reiterating your businesses’ quality of service, an outdated blog area, or worse an empty one, hints towards a lack of online presence as well as care and attention to your website. Yikes.

Regularly updating your blog with thought out, engaging posts not only boosts SEO and provide opportunities for additional social media marketing but keeps your website updated and further demonstrates your professionalism, expertise and attention to customer experience.

Limely’s Blog

Our Blog Writing Process


Discussing your goals

Every process begins with sitting down with you and making sure we know your business and its goals like the back of our hand. This way, we’ll know exactly what kind of content you will benefit from the most.


Working out a content strategy

Once we have good knowledge of your target audience, we will then approve titles, blog post length and how regularly you should be publishing in order to entice your audience and gain the most results.


Topic research

Once we have some agreed titles, our content writer will begin researching around the topic, as well as getting the necessary information from you, so they can construct an accurate and informative post.


Blog approval

We will then send a finished draft over to you for you to read, suggest edits and provide feedback. We welcome any of your critiques as we want nothing but the best for your content.



Once you’re happy, we will publish the final draft it to your blog/news area; adding internal links and CTAs where appropriate to ensure the post is bringing in results wherever possible.

Content Services

What else can Limely do for you

Content Creation

We work alongside you to build a flawless content strategy that will help skyrocket your business.

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Content Marketing

Bringing together our skills in writing and marketing to create stand-out content that entices your audience.

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