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How is anyone going to know about your unbeatable services without foolproof marketing?

And what better way to spread the word of your stand-out business than through content marketing! Focused and thought out content has the potential to engage wide audiences and entice them to find out more about your business. And when it’s marketed towards the right people, it can transform readers into leads.




Limely's Content Marketing

Amplify your business with...

Social Media Content

Creating punchy content for your social media accounts that remains on-brand and draws in users both old and new.

Blog Content

Filling your blog area with content that showcases your business’s best side and creates opportunities for additional social media marketing.

SEO Content

Utilising keywords and creating specific content that helps to boost your SEO – improving your appearance within SERPs.

And so much more!

Our content marketing can be adapted to your business’s individual needs so we can get the best results for you.

content marketing

Showing potential leads what they’re missing

Simply giving your business the attention it deserves.

Through content marketing, you are demonstrating exactly who you are, what you do and what unique features give your business that competitive edge.

You’re showing your human side and illustrating how one business can truly have it all – professionalism, expertise and an attractive relatable side that will assure the user that they you are reliable and trustworthy.

There are many forms of content marketing, it just takes some time and some marketing geniuses (that’s us) to find what works for you. We’re ready to stick by your side and create something amazing that will keep the sales/leads coming.



Social media marketing for Hewitt Adams

Helping drive traffic and generate leads through social media posts.

Hewitt Adams are a respected estate agent based in the Wirral, and they wanted to focus more attention on featured properties and bring a flurry of traffic and interest to their website in order to gain additional leads.

After finalising their goals and becoming acquainted with their audience, we created a social media marketing strategy that would ensure regular posting, focused marketing that remained on brand and opportunities for attracting users to their desired property or page wherever possible.

Posts that were focused on specific properties, industry news and agency announcements were spread across multiple platforms and were always paired with a CTA link in order to further spread the word and create the potential for lead generation.


The Results

219 %

Total Sessions

237 %

New Users

11.98 %

Average Session Duration


What does Limely's Content do?



It’s relevant, helpful and hey, it’s interesting to read! Our content catches the eye of the reader and leave them wanting more from your business.



Expanding on the right topics and utilising the appropriate inserts, users will be able to act on the content and be lead to other areas of focus on your website.



Your content will leave users inspired, informed and educated on your services, and will feel reassured in the knowledge that your business is one that can be relied upon.

Mobile Phone Apps

Staying on top of social media

And using its multitude of benefits to your business’s advantage.

Thanks to the universality of social media, your potential audience stretches all across the world!

With that said, it’s important that your business utilises its marketing advantages and makes as many people as possible aware of your products and services.

Here at Limely, our content marketing team consists of what you could call some ‘social media gurus’ who can assist you and your business with creating a solid social media marketing strategy.

They not only know everything there is to know about getting the most out of your social media but can help you post regularly,  utilise appropriate hashtags and whip up effective campaigns that keep your followers happy and the traffic rolling in.

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Limely's Social Media Marketing Process


Discussing your goals

Every process begins with sitting down with you and making sure we know your business and its marketing goals like the back of our hand. This way, we’ll know exactly what kind of posts you will benefit from the most.


Identifying posts

By assessing your target audience and your specific industry, we will identify what kind of social media content will gain the most traction.


Creating a content calendar

Once we have decided what kind of posts will benefit your business, we can begin crafting drafts and scheduling them within a calendar to ensure regular posting.


Posting and editing

Once the post is live on your socials, we can add the appropriate hashtag and share is on other accounts to make sure to get as much interaction as possible.

Content Services

What else can Limely do for you

Content Creation

We work alongside you to build a flawless content strategy that will help skyrocket your business.

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Content Writing

Our expert team of content writers can provide your business with clear and concise content that boosts SEO.

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