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Gain more traffic, sales and leads than ever before with focused, bespoke content creation.

Reach wide audiences with additional marketing brought about by

  • Regular Blog Posts
  • SEO Content Strategies
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Guides & Articles
  • Email Marketing Content
  • Infographics & Resources

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Effective content encapsulates your unique brand voice whilst attracting your target audience.

It enables you to spread your unique brand and tone across multiple channels and to huge audiences.

Content writers, like those at Limely, have the know-how that allows them to take everything that gives your brand its competitive edge and integrate it into enticing content that draws in your target audience and boosts your business’s success. In other words, incorporating content creation into your marketing is a no brainer!



Limely's Content Creation

Amplify your business with

Regular Blog Posts

Creating a content calendar that will ensure your blog area is regularly updated with industry-specific posts that engage your audience.

SEO Content Strategies

Assessing your goals and creating strategic content that will boost your appearance in search engines and help generate leads/sales.

Social Media Campaigns

Creating social media content based on your target audience that will create a stir and direct traffic to your site.

Infographics & Resources

Working alongside you to create impactful infographics and resources to demonstrate your expertise and entice your target audience.

Email Marketing Content

Taking on board your target audience and specific areas of focus to create email marketing campaigns and content.

And so much more!

Our content creation services can be tailored to your specific business and individual needs so the possibilities are endless!


Show off your brand to your target audience

Make your users aware that their hunt for your particular services is over!

The power of effective content cannot be matched. When written with not only the brand but the target audience in mind, it can efficiently encapsulate your business’s unique voice all whilst appealing to the people that make up your clientele.

From sustaining regularly blog content, SEO content, social media campaigns and general content usage, you can draw in users, funnel them to where you need them to be and thusly encourage increased conversion, sales and leads.

It also provides your company with the chance to show off your true colours and demonstrate to your audience what makes your business stand out amongst your competitors and gives you that unique edge.

Content that engages your target audience and spikes interest could be what it takes to tip the scales and transform them into customers.


Solidifying McCombie’s brand voice

Creating web copy, case studies and blog posts for McCombie Construction.

McCombie Construction came to Limely for a brand new website that consisted of new design, development and content that would efficiently demonstrate their high quality and professional construction services. They were in need of engaging web copy that would introduce their business as well as inform the user of their services and why they can’t be beaten.

Limely’s content creators worked alongside McCombie to create web copy that not only represented their business but smoothly navigated the user through their site. It replicated their brand voice, demonstrated their professionalism and got their message across.

Their web copy also included case studies of their featured work that included informative descriptions of their projects that helped to portray their quality of work.

To top it all off, Limely wrote a few blog posts to populate their news area and further spread the word of their business through content writing, targeted keywords and industry-specific content.



What does Limely's Content do?



It’s relevant, helpful and hey, it’s interesting to read! Our content catches the eye of the reader and leave them wanting more from your business.



Expanding on the right topics and utilising the appropriate inserts, users will be able to act on the content and be lead to other areas of focus on your website.



Your content will leave users inspired, informed and educated on your services, and will feel reassured in the knowledge that your business is one that can be relied upon.

Staying acquainted with your target audience

And using it as the foundation to all of your business’s content.

Limely’s content team will make sure that before any words grace the page, they have a full understanding of not only your business and your desired tone, but your industry and target clientele.

This way, they can create content that appeals to your target audience and truly represents your stance in the industry. They want nothing but the best for your company so your content will always be a great representation of your business and effortlessly demonstrate why your services are unmatched.

Blog posts, SEO content and social media campaigns will be made to bring results; sculpted around your individual business goals, your target audience and your industry’s trends.

Content Writing

Limely's Blog Content Process


Getting to know you

Each content process will begin with an initial sit down and get to know you session where we will back sure we know your company, industry and audience like the back of our hand.


Identifying your goals

Once we feel like a part of the furniture, we’ll begin to note down your goals and what exactly you want content to bring to your company, Whether it’s traffic, leads or sales, we’ll incorporate that into our strategy.



Now we’ll get our head down and do a little snooping around; getting to grips with what your competitors are posting in terms of content and how well your audience reacts to it.


Finalising a content calendar

Once we’ve proposed a few ideas, titles and potential campaigns, we can finalise when exactly these will be published onto your site and socials so we can regulate your content and demonstrate your active online presence.

Content Services

What else can Limely do for you

Content Writing

Our expert team of content writers can provide your business with clear and concise content that boosts SEO.

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Content Marketing

Bringing together our skills in writing and marketing to create stand-out content that entices your audience.

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