Meta Launches New App To Rival Twitter


In the turbulent world of social media, you just never know what’s going to happen next!

Today, Facebook and Instagram owner Meta, has announced that it will be launching a brand new app dubbed ‘Threads’ to compete with their longstanding social media rival, Twitter. Yes that’s right, it’s Mark Zuckerberg Vs Elon Musk once again! Last month, the pair apparently agreed to a physical fight but the whole world is pretty unsure of how serious they were about that. Instead, it seems that Zuckerberg is sticking to what he does best and is competing in his usual way by creating rival social media platforms to push out the competition. Let’s find out what the fuss is all about…

What is Threads?

With the limited information we have been given by Meta, it certainly seems that Threads is almost an exact replica of Twitter. The few screenshots that appear on Apple’s app store show microblogging threads just like the ones we’re so accustomed to with Twitter, even down to the character limits and mention tags. At a time where Elon Musk is pushing Twitter users to sign up to their pay-monthly subscription service (TwitterBlue) whilst simultaneously limiting the number of tweets that non-paying users can see, Meta are launching a completely free version of the app in a bid to quash the competition for good!

Threads is an Instagram app so it will be automatically connected to millions of accounts across the world. This holds a key advantage compared to other social apps that have tried to compete with Twitter in the past and could have quite a substantial impact.

Photo: Apple App Store

The future of social media is anything but certain! One thing is for sure, Twitter certainly has something to worry about with the launch of Meta’s Threads app on Thursday. We’ll keep a close eye on this news and keep you updated so be sure to check in with our blog to stay ahead of the curve!


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