Limely X Boodil: A Brand New Partnership

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Join us in welcoming our most recent payment partner, Boodil.

We’re always looking out for the latest technologies and innovations to help our clients soar to success! And when we came across Boodil, we knew that both our values and visions aligned. Rooted in making online shopping experiences as seamless, fast and enjoyable as possible, we couldn’t let the opportunity to partner with them go by! Read on to find out more about our partnership.

What is Boodil?

The founders of Boodil recognised that existing online payment methods and options were lacking the speed, functionality, security and enjoyability needed to truly delight shoppers and keep businesses satisfied. Founded with a vision to transform the somewhat outdated online payment experience for shoppers, Boodil is disrupting the industry by providing a unique solution for shoppers and businesses alike.

Benefits for ecommerce businesses

Utilising open banking technology, Boodil offers a secure, seamless and rewarding spending experience for all. To put it simply, their innovative solution is a ‘Pay By Bank’ service that ecommerce brands can offer at their online checkout. For businesses, this solution offers tons of benefits compared to other payment methods including:

  • Reduced transaction fees – Increase profits with reduced fees per transaction
  • Instant payouts and settlements so you can access your funds right away
  • Eliminated chargebacks
  • Frictionless checkout – Encourage conversions by allowing customers to make payments in a few easy steps

Benefits for online shoppers 

Not only does Boodil ensure faster and safer online transactions by utilising your banks’ own technology, without storing & sharing card details, the payment platform also offers great rewards for its users. Every time a user shops online using Boodil, they will be rewarded in a variety of ways including with reward points, entries to prize draws and even discounts on great brands.

We’re so pleased that we can offer this new payment method to our clients. Whether you’re an established ecommerce brand or are just starting out with your online store, we’re sure that Boodil can provide an excellent service for both you and your customers.

This partnership also extends to Boodil entrusting Limely with the development, creation and maintenance of their official Magento 2 Boodil module – which we couldn’t be more excited to start working on!

Need a helping hand with your ecommerce website? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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