What are the Best Images to Use for your Estate Agency Website?

Alongside design and content, the images in which you populate your website with can pack a huge punch!

Being such an imperative service, it’s important that estate agents extrude essences of trust, validity and reliability to the user on order to make them aware that they have found the best agency for them. And one way you can evoke this is choosing the right imagery to insert throughout your website. But what are the best images to use?

Team pictures

When a user comes across your estate agency online, they have access to the same services as they would if they visited your office, but would not get the same experience when it came to getting to the team who were going to be dealing with their case. So, in order to allow your user to put a face to a name, get your team posing for their very own picture in which can be displayed on your team page. This way, the user can meet everyone, and with the inclusion of small written bios, they can also be directed to who exactly they need to talk to in order to find their solution.

Pictures of your office

To truly demonstrate your unique aspects, you can fill your site and social media platforms with images of your physical office. This not only helps to set you apart from your competitors but helps with validating your services.

A day in the life

By assigning a designated photographer in your team, or hiring a professional one, you can get snaps of your team in action in order to fill your site with effective imagery. Allowing the user to see your team in action not only helps to demonstrate your professionalism but also makes them aware that you are the real deal and will be able to help.

Your office’s city/location

Including pictures of your surrounding street or city is a great way to reiterate where you’re based, as well as fill your site with unproblematic images that are both aesthetically pleasing and upkeep your professional style.

Carefully chosen stock images

If there are some gaps in your site and you have run out of images to insert, to maintain a good range of pictures you can opt for adding strategically chosen stock images. This can include images for certain areas/categories on your website or pictures that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get a hold of. However, the danger with stock images is that they can breach on ‘cheesy’ and evoke the opposite of your desired style. If you are going to use stock images, we recommend taking a look at free photography sites like Unsplash and Pexels.

As specialists in Estate Agent Website Design, we’re here to make your online dreams come true. So don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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