Tops Tips To Create The Best Website For Your Estate Agency

Estate Agencies are known for using their knowledge and expertise to help match prospective buyers with their forever homes.

And usually, we see estate agents up and down our high street – offering a face-to-face service in which they offer their property knowledge and superior customer service. But as the world becomes increasingly digitised, with many of us now working from home and not visiting our local high-street as frequently, it begs the question of how estate agencies can reflect the service they offer within the online space.

Well, with a cracking website of course! But how can your estate agency go about creating the best possible website – one that will do nothing but boost business and generate leads? Read on and find out!

Find the right platform

There are hundreds of website platforms out there that provide you with the means to build an effective website, the task is finding which one would be best for you and your agency. If you’re looking for a little effort, no fuss launch, then there are plenty of template websites in which you can pay for to quickly set up your own website. However, these aren’t going to provide you with the tools to create an effective estate agency website with the necessary features that will take you above and beyond.

Take it from Limely when we say that your best choice is WordPress. Estate agency websites tend to be content-heavy, so this means you need a platform in which you can successfully manage, edit and keep track of your content. Enter WordPress!

Find a brilliant agency

If creating a standout WordPress site is beyond your web design/development skills, then it may be time to source an agency to help you out. Working with an agency, you are guaranteed to end up with a stylish and efficient website that not only captures your unique brand perfectly but effectively takes everything about your services online. The perfect agency will be equipped with experts in every aspect of the web journey so you can sit back and relax whilst the best possible is created with nothing but your specific agency in mind.

Limely Office

We may be biased, but Limely proudly encapsulates all of the above and has plenty of experience in building stylish and effective estate agency websites! Click here to check out our work!

Identify your branding & tone of voice

Once you have decided on what route are going to take, you needed to identify how exactly you will be taking the essence of your agency online and how you can effectively capture what you’re all about and what makes your agency stand out amongst your competitors. This may include deciding on a colour palette, fonts, layout and finalised logo – all of which will be laced throughout your overall design.

Limely’s design team in particular are highly skilled in taking your vision, as well as your existing branding and taking it online. Click here to see our work with estate agents Carman Friend!

Another element you must nail down early on is your brand’s tone of voice. It is key to spend and energy in getting this right from the very beginning as it will underpin your entire website and contribute to the overall feel when a user lands on your site. Identifying the key words, phrases, pronouns and any slang words that your brand would or wouldn’t use is key to building a strong online presence and building trust with your audience.

Create engaging content

As well as stylish design, great content is crucial for your website. Your web content includes everything from the text on your homepage to property descriptions and blog posts. Whether you have an in-house writer who is a dab hand at crafting effective content or you need to outsource to a writer that can take on your tone of voice and produce flawless content, spending the time getting your content on-point from the very beginning is key to success. If you’re in need of some writing wizardry, be sure to check out Limely’s content services!

Develop your marketing strategy

Once you are on route to having a great online space, it’s time to spread the word! Alongside web design and development, you should also be creating a solid marketing strategy to increase brand awareness, increase traffic and generate leads. Your marketing plan should include social media marketing, email marketing as well as physical marketing through business cards and merchandise – all of which should be strategically thought out in order to reap every possible benefit of your new site!

Work on your SEO

Alongside your marketing, it’s important that your online presence is supported by a secure SEO strategy in order to tie everything together. Making sure you’re utilising aspects of SEO such as keywords, effective meta titles, alt text and descriptions will ensure that you are reaching the right people and that your agency can get the attention it deserves. If you need a helping hand when it comes to SEO, view Limely’s services here!

Are you looking to take your estate agency online? Contact Limely today!

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