Tips For Estate Agents: How To Showcase Properties Online

Your available properties should take centre stage on your estate agency website.

Property images are what truly bring your online estate agency to life. As with every other part of your estate agency website, your property pages should reflect your unique brand identity and maintain a superior customer experience. But what is the best etiquette for displaying homes on your estate agency website? We’ve got the answers right here…


Most importantly, your property layout should promote a seamless user experience and make key information easily accessible whilst remaining consistent with your website’s stylish design. The most successful property pages are the ones that strike the perfect balance between looking too crowded, being sparse or feeling to clunky in terms of navigation. Users must easily be able to browse through your available homes and access the properties they’d like to know more about at the touch of a button.

Laying out properties in a grid-like pattern is a great way to showcase a range of properties on one page in an effective way.


Whilst users are browsing available properties, it’s beneficial to utilise call to actions and snippets of text to entice them into viewing more information about a particular property.

By applying snippets of information about the pictured property that matches the user’s search criteria or highlights key details about the property, you will automatically create a sense of intrigue in the user and get them a step closer to clicking on the property and ultimately, contacting your agency. Snippets might include information such as price, location and number of rooms/bathrooms.


Clear Sold Signs

To avoid users thinking that they are wasting their time on your site, be sure to keep your available properties updated at all times. This includes making sure to list properties as sold as soon as possible so users know to skip past them if they are only interested in available properties. As soon as house sale goes through you’ll put a sold sign outside the house right? Ensure you emulate this online and you’ll be good to go!

Beautiful Imagery

First impressions count. Ensure your property page stands out by using beautiful, high-quality imagery to showcase available properties and entice users into finding out more. Considering that first impressions are mostly attributed to visual images, it’s key that you put professional photography at the top of your priority list. You should provide as many images as you can of the property in order to cement the user’s interest and hopefully lead them to that ‘get in touch’ button.

Detailed Descriptions

Each property displayed on your website should also come with a detailed description. This should include as much information as possible about the proposed property such as the rooms, the floor-plan, the location and any other interesting features that will further entice the user. This, alongside the high-quality images, should be everything the user needs to urge them towards getting in touch.

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