How To Create The Best Team Page For Your Estate Agency Website

When a potential lead comes across your estate agency online, they will be in for a different experience to that of your high street office.

But, just because a potential client first interacts with your agency online, doesn’t mean they should miss out on what makes you great and what makes you stand out amongst your competitors. And what makes your agency more unique than the team behind it! When a potential client walks into your high street estate agency, they will be greeted by your team and personally guided through all of your available services until they find what they need. On your estate agent website, this journey is made on their own and it can prove to be a bit daunting. However, there is a way to cement your team’s presence, even on your website and that’s by creating a top notch Team page. But what makes for a great team page?

High-quality team images

What better way to introduce your team than with smart, high quality pictures of the team. Depending on your desired style and approach, you ask your team to put on their best office wear or their casual dress and pose for a picture in order to list them on your site to be paired with their name. This way, without entering the highstreet agency, the user can get to know the team and feel a sense of trust and reliability for your agency.


With your team page, you don’t have to stop at the name and their role. In order for the user to truly get to know your team, you can add a bio to each team member. This will be a small paragraph that summarises who they are, their role, any qualifications they may have that help with their role and even some fun, ‘get to know me facts’, depending on what kind of tone you’d like to present.

A smart layout

Your team page should be in keeping with the rest of your website’s style and design that has been skilfully created to reflect your unique brand. This calls for a look at how you can display your team page, and how you can make it effortlessly fit in with the rest of your site, as well as appealing to the user.

Call to action links

As well as pictures of your team, their names and bios, one other important feature of your team page is CTAs. This is to ensure that the user, after viewing and getting to know your team, can be swiftly directed to another page on your website or a means to contact your team. This can be in the form of a button, banner or even a contact form at the bottom of the page. This way, no matter what they have taken from reading your team page, they always have the opportunity to find out more before they even think about heading for that exit button.

Are you looking for a brand new team page, or even better a brand new website? Come and speak to the web experts here at Limely.

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