The Changing Landscape Of Product Search

Paul Gregory

Over the years, the way that users search for products has drastically changed.

In today’s digital age, staying on top of evolving consumer behaviour is crucial for creating successful marketing strategies and driving growth for your ecommerce business. We keep our finger on the pulse to ensure that you have the insights you need to drive success. This week, we’re exploring how consumers’ product search methods are changing and delving into findings from CivicScience who shed light on this shift in consumer behaviour. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

History of product search

Cast your mind back just a few decades and you’ll likely remember a shopping experience that simply involved going to a few shops that sold the product you were looking for, comparing prices and making a decision. Since those days, product search has become an industry in its own right and involves so many different factors, making it extremely competitive and difficult tot stand out from noise.

Amazon reigns supreme

When it comes to searching for a product, our minds generally skip straight to a Google search. However, Amazon has truly infiltrated the product search market as a recent study revealed that 49% of consumers head to Amazon as their starting point for finding their perfect product. Whilst the statistic may seem surprising, it’s a testament to Amazon’s unparalleled reach and influence in the online marketplace. What’s even more noteworthy is the increasing popularity of Amazon among younger age groups, particularly Gen-Z, which signals a huge shift in consumer behaviour.

It’s clear that Amazon has not only captured the loyalty of established shoppers but is also resonating with the tech-savvy and discerning tastes of the younger demographic thanks to the platforms extreme personalisation, lightning-fast speed and streamlined search feature.

TikTok’s decline in popularity

TikTok, once hailed as a rising star in the realm of product searches, has experienced a noteworthy decline in appeal among younger generations. The study reveals a significant decrease in TikTok usage, with fewer consumers turning to the platform for their product search needs. Despite its ambitions to establish a foothold in the ecommerce space, TikTok’s impact in the U.S. market remains limited. While the platform continues to captivate users with its engaging content, it has struggled to gain traction as a go-to destination for product discovery and research. As brands evaluate their marketing strategies, it’s essential to recognise the shifting dynamics and consider whether TikTok aligns with their specific goals and target audience.

Google maintains relevance

While Google’s reign as a leading platform for product searches remains intact, there has been a slight decrease in its market share, as indicated by the study. Nevertheless, Google continues to hold significant importance as a starting point for consumers seeking products online. Maintaining a strong presence on Google is crucial for brands looking to enhance their visibility and reach their target audience effectively.

By optimising your online presence and utilising strategies like SEO and paid advertising, brands can capitalise on Google’s enduring relevance and ensure their products are discoverable by potential customers. Don’t underestimate the power of Google in driving brand visibility and staying ahead in the competitive digital landscape.

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The impact on retail and ecommerce

Retail brands must prioritise paying attention to the burgeoning influence of Amazon in the ecommerce realm. With Amazon’s dominance as a primary platform for product searches, it is essential for brands to align their marketing and advertising budgets with user behaviour to maximise their reach and engagement.

As TikTok’s appeal for product searches wanes among younger generations, brands are urged to evaluate its effectiveness as a platform based on their specific goals and target audience. By closely monitoring consumer trends and assessing the suitability of different platforms, brands can make informed decisions to optimise their marketing strategies and stay ahead in the dynamic digital landscape.

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