Winstons Beds

A brand new WooCommerce site for a stylish mattress start-up

Creating a brand new WooCommerce store

Building a site from the ground up for Winstons Beds.

Winstons Beds is a brand new mattress and bed provider that specialises in high quality, handcrafted products made in Great Britain.

They approached Limely wanting a bespoke online store for their new business, one that would represent their brand and allow them to provide their customers with an outstanding shopping experience.

Our kind of project, Limely immediately got to work creating a brand new online store for Winstons Beds, utilising everything from our skills in design and content to our attentive development.

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What we did

Google My Business Integration
Web Design Icon
Web Design

Bespoke branding

Bringing Winstons Beds to life through design and branding.

Being a brand new retail business, Winstons Beds was in need of branding that would represent their products and ethics, as well as stand out amongst their competitors.

After getting a feel for Winstons Beds’ brand and how they would like to be perceived by their target audience, our designers created original logos and designs that Winstons Beds could use to represent their store.

Sellers of luxury, high-quality items, Limely kept this in mind and made their branding modern, sleek and stylish.

Timeless as well as completely unique, Winstons Beds now has a recognisable brand that will stick in the minds of their target audience.



Extensive product upload

Allowing for a faultless shopping experience.

To give their customers a wide range of choice, Winstons Beds have a huge collection of mattresses and beds that come in various materials, styles and colours.

Limely transferred every single one of Winstons Beds’ products, placed them in their own category and assigned each one with high-quality images, detailed product descriptions, fabric, leg and colour swatches and in some cases, a 360-degree view of the product.

All of the above was applied in order to provide Winstons Beds’ customers with the best shopping experience possible – one they won’t hesitate to recommend and return to.

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Helpful Mattress Guides

Increasing SEO and their customer’s experience with handy resources.

As always with a brand new online store, content is key. This is why Limely stepped in to populate and upload 10 handy Mattress guides that ranged from buying guides to detailed help on different mattress sizes.

This content not only helps to boost their level of customer service but also drastically boosts their SEO.

The targeted keywords within the guides will help search engines recognise that Winstons Beds is the store to suggest when users are searching for mattress related solutions; ultimately helping to funnel and increase traffic, as well as improving Winstons ranking within SERPs.




Google My Business

In order for Winstons to demonstrate their service, we integrated Google My Business so customer reviews are displayed straight onto the site.


We integrated Nochex to provide a safe and secure payment gateway that would evoke trust and reliability amongst their customers and encourage them to return.


To continue Winstons’ attention to customer experience, we integrated Payl8r so customers have the choice to spread out their payments.

JSON Schema Structured Data

Extending Winstons’ attentive service to SERPs.

In order to optimise Winstons’ presence within search engine results, we used JSON Schema Structured Data to enable certain features to appear underneath their meta-title and description.

These features include featured products, CTA links and Winstons’ customer reviews.

This will help with SEO and further encourage clicks, traffic and urge new customers.





Making sure that customers can shop Winstons Beds on any device.

Once we perfected Winstons Beds’ brand new online store, we got to work making the necessary adjustments to ensure it worked the same on mobile and tablet.

Now, customers can efficiently shop and benefit from all of Winstons’ services whatever device they are using – further demonstrating their professionalism and attention to customer service.

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