A successful upgrade to Magento 2 paired with fresh designs.

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Upgrading StowAg to Magento 2

Giving long time clients access to the latest features.

StowAg are a renowned provider of agricultural products and equipment, doing as their slogan so accurately depicts – ‘keeping the countryside working’.

They had been receiving maintenance and web support from Limely for a couple of years and approached us for some new designs and a much-awaited upgrade to Magento 2.

Knowing their business so well, we quickly got to applying some design tweaks and migrating their current site to a bright and shiny Magento 2 platform.

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StowAg Homepage
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StowAg Tractor

Utilising Magento 2’s dynamic capabilities

Allowing StowAg to benefit from Magento’s latest updates.

As Magento boffins, we urged all of our clients to make the leap and upgrade to Magento 2.

And StowAg was no exception. Our developers began migrating StowAG’s current site to the new platform making sure not one bit was left behind.

Sprucing up designs and making sure Magento 2 was in full swing ensured that StowAg’s site was up to date, made to last and ultimately, able to benefit from increased conversion rates.

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StowAg Search

Smart Search with Searchanise

Boosting UX levels with additionals integrations

Smart Search enables autocomplete and suggestion features which activate when the user begins to type in a keyword. The product search widget will find products of a similar name and suggest them to the user.

This helps to create a great shopping experience and makes for a smooth online journey when using StowAg’s site – setting a precedent for the rest of their services.

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Quick View
StowAg Quick View

Quick view

Continuing to ensure a flawless online shopping experience

Limely also made it so StowAg benefitted from a ‘quick view’ feature to further increase their levels of user experience.

‘Quick view’ enables the user to view a product in more detail whilst remaining on the product page. Saving time whilst browsing, it makes for an efficient shopping experience and takes them one step closer to that ‘add to basket’ button.

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Thanks to Magento 2’s capabilities, we were able to build both StowAg’s site and their secondary sites WildCare and WildCare EU, on one installation. Meaning, although three different domains, they can all be managed from the same Magento dashboard making site-wide updates quick and easy.

StowAg Multistore
StowAg Mobile


Making StowAg look good on every device.

Once we had made sure everything was in running order on desktop, we got to work ensuring that the same great designs and high performing site could be experienced on mobile.

With that said, we made the necessary adjustments to allow users to benefit from a great experience and access the same services whilst on mobile or tablet.

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A huge success

I can't praise Limely enough. They have developed innovative, effective solutions that are bespoke to our business and ecommerce strategy, and have undoubtedly contributed massively to improved customer journeys and massively improved conversion rates.

Tegan Parsons

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