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Streamlined navigation, bespoke branding and seamless UX increased leads for Quant Accountants.


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Quant Accountants




Website Design & Development, Branding

A high-performing site with bespoke features to increase conversions

Quant approached us as they were in need of a complete website overhaul to take their brand to the next level. From clever UX design to unique branding, we captured Quant’s fun and approachable personality throughout the site whilst ensuring streamlined navigation to increase leads.

Capturing Quant's personality with beautiful design

All to often, accountancy websites can alienate users with overcomplicated jargon and unwelcoming visuals. As Quant is a fun, welcoming and down-to-earth brand, we combined playful design with no-nonsense copy to ensure every user feels at ease when they land on the site.

Utilising a mixture of serif and sans-serif fonts, bold splashes of bright pink, clever use of negative space and tons of bespoke iconography, we created a website that feels both professional and approachable, capturing the Quant brand perfectly!

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Streamlined navigation to drive user action

As Quant offers a wide range of services tailored to various industries and circumstances, streamlining the site’s navigation was absolutely paramount. Users can now quickly and easily find the service or advice they’re looking for thanks to a range of techniques we implemented including:

  • Bespoke iconography to visually guide users
  • Lightning-fast & optimised page speed
  • Sticky header for seamless site navigation
  • Advanced UX design to drive user action

Instilling customer trust at first glance

Instilling customer trust as soon as users land of the site was integral for Quant Accountants. After all, demonstrating trust and credibility is key to turning site visitors into loyal customers when it comes to the finance industry. By incorporating verified reviews into the homepage, Quant instantly showcase their professional reputation and gain customer trust.

Strengthened brand identity with bespoke iconography

As Quant has such a welcoming, fun and approachable brand personality, we wanted to capture and showcase this within the online realm.

Our creative designers conjured up a wide range of bespoke iconography that enhances the website design by adding a welcome dose of personality and fun, whilst also acting as visual aids to guide users to their desired destinations.

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SEO opportunities with a dedicated advice centre

To offer tons of value to Quant’s diverse audience, we developed a dedicated help and advice centre that houses a range of articles and posts aimed at their target market.

Not only does this build trust and position the brand as a thought-leader in a very competitive industry, it also provides excellent opportunities for building on their existing SEO strategy by incorporating keywords and adding internal links throughout.

Responsive web design to improve user engagement

Seamless online experiences are critical to driving leads and securing new clients. We ensured that Quant has a superior mobile experience that instantly instils trust and encourages users to convert with a range of techniques including:

  • Mobile-optimised imagery
  • Thumb-friendly navigation
  • Responsive website design

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Google Reviews

5.0 from 47 reviews

The whole team were prepared to go the extra mile.

The site itself looks great but the way that the whole team were prepared to go the extra mile, including helping me with the brilliantly-written content shows how much they care about their work. Thank-you to the whole team and I look forward to working with you again soon!

Daniel Newman

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