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Creating a sleek brochure site for Perfficiency

Consultancy firm Perfficiency approached us with a need to take things digital

Without a current online presence, we knew it was crucial to get things up and running as quickly as possible, all the while maintaining the sleek and professional image that Perfficiency have built for themselves over the years. We refreshed their branding to work seamlessly alongside their exciting new digital persona. Keep scrolling to see what we did.

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What we did

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Establishing a professional but modern brand

It was important to keep Perfficiency’s professional image intact whilst revamping their brand and making it suitable for the digital world. Our designer Emma created several options for the Perfficiency team to review and the favourite was finally chosen.

We went with a series of clean, cool colours that were both modern but respectable. The fonts used across the designs also reflected this for maximum impact.


We created a collection of stunning stationery

For all Perfficiency’s print needs, we put together a beautiful collection of on-brand stationery to carry the company’s new brand from the digital to the concrete. We knew how important it was for our client that their fresh branding could translate off-screen as well as it does on-screen.

We built a page to show off their case studies

To give Perfficiency the best possible chance of standing out to potential clients, we added in a dedicated page for the company’s previous work. Perfficiency can now highlight their successful projects and client portfolio with this easy-to-use, content-managed page on their site.

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Keeping their followers in the know with insights

Perfficiency now has a dedicated place to share the company’s latest news, industry insights and general updates. We all know the importance of fresh, regular content – integrating a blog into the consultancy’s new site gives them the chance to boost their SEO, maintain their position of authority in their industry and give their clients something to read (who doesn’t love a good nosey?).

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We made sure the mobile version worked great too!

Fluid responsiveness is simply now part and parcel of web design. But that doesn’t mean it becomes a passive part of the process. We tested Perfficiency’s site across various devices, going through each page with a fine-toothed comb to make sure everything was as smooth as possible.

We give each and every website we produce that same treatment – it’s never been more important to keep that high-quality design and development consistent across devices.

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We succeeded expectations

They loved it

Limely succeeded my expectations from start to finish. The design team created a fantastic brand for Perfficiency, along with a beautiful brochure website and stationery to go along with it. Couldn’t be happier with their work!

Scott Robertson


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