Creating the perfect online home for an amazing community and cause

Introducing Bionet

Building a brand new online space for the North East Wales Biodiversity Network.

Back in December 2020, Limely was approached by North East Wales Biodiversity Network, or Bionet for short, as they were looking to conduct a complete overhaul of their current website and overall online presence.

Their work involves analysing areas of improvement throughout the counties and providing environmentally sound solutions in which will benefit the conservation of local wildlife and the natural landscape.

Bionet were in need of an online space in which informed users who they are, what they do and how they too can get involved. So, with all the briefing done, Limely got to work!

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What we did

Social Media

Creating unforgettable branding

Building an everlasting brand for Bionet.

Bionet is the local biodiversity partnership for a number of counties across North East Wales, so needs to be equipped with branding that’s apt for their services, unique and stands out amongst the crowd.

Taking in their services, objectives and role in the council, Limely’s designers created a range of logos that could be used on various platforms and in different formats.

Now, Bionet can easily leave their mark and become a memorable name, especially for those who want to get involved in their work.

With leafy, natural colours and a great nod to their environmental and conservation work, Bionet’s new logos fit rather nicely – don’t you think?

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Bionet’s Nature Recovery Plan

Bionet are on a mission to improve and maintain the local environment across North East Wales.

Bionet makes sure that they are constantly working to the same aim and objectives to ensure each project is contributing to reforming and conserving local wildlife and their surroundings.

With our design, Limely made sure Bionet had space where they could clearly inform the users of exactly what their aims and objectives are.

Framed by on-brand designs and gorgeous natural imagery, whether you were new to Bionet’s work or an old regular, their nature recovery plan is crystal clear.

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Making Bionet Multilingual

Ensuring Bionet was able to provide an unbeatable user experience for all of their users.

Working across North East Wales, Bionet’s online hub needed to cater for both English and Welsh speakers.

So, Limely made it possible for users to easily switch between English and Welsh with just one click.

By clicking the easily accessible language icon, all of the website’s content changes instantaneously.

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Displaying Bionet’s projects

Showing users, old and new, exactly what Bionet gets up to.

To demonstrate Bionet’s past projects and the results that their dedicated services bring about, Limely built them their very own Project area.

This stylishly displays some of Bionet’s featured projects and allows users to really get a feel for the work Bionet do for their local counties.

Users are first greeted with a gallery of the various projects, which they can browse and click on if they wanted to find out more.

Once having clicked on their selected project, they are greeted with high-quality imagery and an in-depth look into what the project entailed.

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Boosting Bionet’s Social Presence

Further spreading the word of Bionet and their work.

Alongside building a show-stopping website and online hub to gain more volunteers, Bionet has been working with Limely’s Social Media Team to create a knock-out social media presence.

To advertise and spread awareness of their objectives, recent events and projects, Limley has set up Bionet’s very own Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

We’ve been continuing to work closely with Bionet to create exciting and engaging posts that will continue to demonstrate their work, create a community and urge people to get involved.

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Making it great for mobile

Making sure Bionet looks great from every angle.

After we perfecting their desktop site, Limely got to work making the necessary adjustments so users would have an equally matches experience on mobile and any other platform.

Now we’ve made sure all of the site’s functionality and user experience on mobile is also top-notch, users can explore Bionet and sign up to volunteer even if they’re on the go.

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