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UX, UI & Interaction design. Front-end and back-end development. Product imagery. Ecommerce store. Bulk ordering discount. BMI Calculator. Diet Plan Search. Gallery. Third Party Reviews Integration. Bespoke WooCommerce Store.


CSS Design Awards Special Kudos

New Year, New You

Our first offering for 2017 couldn’t be more appropriate. This well-timed launch of one of the UK’s fastest growing diet-plan suppliers has certainly taken their growing customer-base by surprise.

Scribed by many as “ones to watch”, Shake That Weight tasked the team at Limely to provide a scalable eCommerce solution. This could enable their business to quadruple in size throughout the coming years – we think it’s safe to say the solution delivered is truly one of a kind.

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Simple, Fast & Affordable

Backed by social proof

Historically, Shake That Weight had found success in scaling their operation through complete transparency, unparalleled product quality and high-volumes of third-party endorsement.

When set with the task to grow their turnover and dramatically increase volume, we knew sticking with that winning formula would form the basis of the campaign’s success – we just needed to amplify these messages tenfold.

As we started to flesh out the User Interface, our razor-sharp focus on their consumers’ sensitive goals lead to a simplified 3-step process that educated, convinced and pinpointed the exact weight solution for their needs.

On the homepage, we focused on the simplicity, affordability and efficiency of this weight loss program – identifying it as an ideal solution for users to try.

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We wanted to build a ‘Shake That Weight’ community

Similar to every diet plan, Shake That Weight relies on the success and transformation of ‘others’ to prove its worth and likelihood of working.

That’s why we populated this new site with third-party, consumer-driven content that had been drafted in from social tools. The goal was to deliver content from multiple sources, all with a common thread that shouts ‘Social Proof’ – a key component in the modern day consumer buying cycle.

The photography had to be perfect

Our UI Design team worked closely with the team at Shake That Weight and their chosen photography experts. Together, we created a tangible array of almost edible photography assets.

Every product has been blessed with the same treatment, leading to an incredibly visual eCommerce experience for their consumers.

Icon-based product filtering

It was important to our client to display their entire collection of products as quickly as possible within the shop environment.

To solve this, we introduced a clearly visual icon-based category filter to show consumers what else is on offer from Shake That Weight, traditionally known in the industry for providing just milkshake-style products.

We’ve found in our early-stage testing that many users are utilising these tools first, before progressing to any product detail pages. This was our goal: to stimulate a deeper level of interest.

Fully transparent Product Pages

Looking back at the site now it’s gone live, it’s clear just how much effort has been put in between the developers and the client to populate Shake That Weight’s incredibly detailed product pages.

No stone remains unturned, no question is left unanswered – the utter transparency of this brand and its products are a testament to its success within the industry.

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Bespoke Mix ‘n’ Match Diet Plan Builder

Our client needed the E-commerce software to be intelligent enough to create a suitable diet plan for every consumer, based on their answers to a handful of very simple but specific questions.

After determining their sex, height, their exercise patterns and subsequently their BMI, the Mix ‘n Match Diet Plan Builder is built to automate a suggested diet plan for every customer with one click of a button, highlighting it’s choices below for them to review.

If you would like to try this for yourself, click below:

Build your Diet Plan

Death to Stock Icons

Our design team focused heavily on creating a reusable palette of vector icons that could be used successfully in any medium. Not only throughout the E-commerce site but on packaging and printed materials within Shake That Weight’s evolving brand portfolio.

Diet Plan Calculator

This custom Diet Plan Calculator forms the basis of the Shake That Weight buyer’s journey.

We created this bespoke “widget” within WordPress so that it can be drafted onto any page and in multiple formats.

This tool has caused a substantial decrease in bounce rate with a clear influx of Add to Cart activity – according to our client’s analytics.

Delivery Options that supercede expectations

When shopping with Shake That Weight, customers can enjoy an extremely streamlined and professional checkout experience.

The cart displays a countdown of exactly how much time each customer has left to guarantee next-day delivery, alongside a large selection of delivery options to suit all budgets.

We integrated the site with the Royal Mail Postal Service, DPD couriers as well as various “Click & Collect” vendors in their local area, all with associated and accurate delivery costs – so there’s never any unexpected charges or after-sales confusion.

Working with Adam and the team at Limely has been incredible. They’ve transformed our dated, heavily technical e-commerce experience into an easy to use, pleasurable and memorable web platform that our new starters and repeat customers have praised countlessly since launch.

We couldn’t be happier with how it’s turned out, the photography is stunning and the visual elements presented in the UI are bang on trend.

What’s more, the CMS functionality has truly revolutionised our business and what we’re capable of doing internally – very impressed. I look forward to working with the team long into the future.

Matt Cooper | Marketing Director

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