Hiscox Business Plan

What We Did

UX, UI & interaction design. Front-end and back-end development. Custom built multi-stage form process with PDF generator.

Insurance solutions for entrepreneurs

We worked alongside multinational insurance giants Hiscox to re-develop their bespoke insurance solution for entrepreneurs with big business ideas.

Essentially, the user journey was the biggest factor in this project. Now, customers can go online and fill in the simple multi-step form. Then, they’re presented with a bespoke business plan tailored just for them. Of course, this is in complete confidence that no-one is going to steal their idea!

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Inspiring new forms of insurance

The client is a specialist insurer, underwriting a diverse range of personal and commercial insurance risks for over 110 years.

Here at Limely, we were tasked with producing a bespoke digital application. The aim for this application is to handle inbound enquiries for customers. In particular, these customers are looking to develop their own unique brands of insurance, in partnership with Hiscox.

Ideally, their big business ideas could be shared and mapped out with the team at Hiscox, all under strict digital NDA (also developed by us). The output is a glossy Business Plan, suitable for further discussion with Hiscox in future.

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You understood our brand perfectly, great work!

Darren Power

An absolute pleasure

With Limely being such a young company, just being asked to meet the guys at Hiscox was a huge compliment for us. Additionally, to be tasked with delivering this project for them is something we’re really proud of. What’s more, it’s something we loved doing! We all look forward to working with Hiscox again in the near future.

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