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Wireframing. UX/UI Design. Frontend Wordpress Build. Bespoke Multi-Destination Search. User-Friendly Booking Form.

Creating a bespoke interrailing travel website

Euroventure is an exciting travel company who specialise in interrailing trips – they’re passionate about seeing the world and we wanted to reflect this in their brand new WordPress-built website. From an intelligent but functional trip search to detailed destination guides, we’ve jam packed this new site with impressive UI and UX-focused features.

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An interactive and user-first homepage

When you first arrive to any website, the homepage has got to make an impact if you’re gonna stick around. Well, we think we achieved just that with Euroventure. From the very first time you lay eyes on the homepage, you’re greeted by a gorgeous mountain landscape and capturing tagline. You can begin to find your dream trip straight away thanks to our easy-to-use search function. And for those who know exactly what they’re looking for? Our hamburger menu on the right is your portal to everything Euroventure.

As you scroll down the homepage, you’ll be greeted by fancy page blocks with smooth transitions. From trip recommendations to popular destinations, you’ll be immersed in a world solely dedicated to interrailing and making your travel dreams come true. The interactive map is a highlight – move your mouse over the illustration of Europe to see a snapshot of each country with clickable links for more information.

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Building your own Adventure is as easy as 1,2,3!

So you’ve scrolled down the homepage and checked out a few guides… well now it’s time to get that ball rolling! We built the trip search in a way that users would find it easy to navigate but also gain valuable information. Enter up to five destinations and you’ll get results tailored to your choices. If there’s not a trip that includes all five? The search will bring up trips that have the best combination of as many of your chosen destinations as possible. Now that’s a smart search…


The Booking Process is Simple!

We’ve built an extremely functional and fuss-free booking system which allows users to get an instant quote and then book straightaway. Users can adjust their trip based on travellers, start date and accommodation type. The page won’t do that annoying full-reload thing every time you change an option and that’s because we use Ajax! This development technique loads parts of the page instead of loading the whole thing all over again. Very satisfying.

Once you’ve got your quote, you’ll be sent an email and also prompted to book using the quoted price. Booking is easy to do too – you’ll be done in just 3 easy steps. Some of your details will already be filled in. Once all your details are complete you’ll be given the option to add extras to your package and then be led to the final payment step.

Integration for a travel site

Of course, no travel website is complete without some handy integration. We’ve used Stripe for payment transactions and integrated Euroventure with Zoho for CRM. These products make the entire process for both the business and customers super smooth and easily managed. We also integrated with to allow visitors to the site to get real, trustworthy customer experiences of each individual trip.

We made sure the use of images & transitions were spot on

Euroventure want people to feel excited about interrailing and travel, so we ensured this was reflected in the images and transitions we chose. From idyllic scenes of European towns to inspiring photography of the travel process, selecting the images was no last-minute job. As for the animations, we wanted the focus to be on the photography, so a zoom hover effect on page blocks was the perfect solution. Upon selecting the menu, we decided to use the brand colours for the most impactful transition.

Building a mobile-friendly experience

If you know us by now you know that responsiveness is one of our core values when building websites. If it doesn’t work on mobile we don’t want to know! Luckily for Euroventure, they picked us as their digital agency and so their lovely new site is just as lovely across all devices from mobile to Macbook to iPad.

See it with your own eyes

We could bang on all day about how great this website is but it’s probably more meaningful if you just go and take a look yourself… Feel free to explore all of the features we’ve spoken about, you might find there’s some more hidden gems in there too!

We helped catapult their business

What a relief to have found the guys at Limely. We wanted to take Euroventure to the next level and needed an agency who understood us and whom we were confident could deliver. Our freshly designed website has catapulted us forward and helped make our business more streamlined. We’d highly recommend Limely, and look forward to continuing to develop our site with them.

Phil, Euroventure

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