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UX/UI Design. Frontend Wordpress Build. Expert Agent Integration.

Creating a Property Website with a difference

We’re becoming somewhat property website experts here at Limely. When independent estate agents Carman Friend approached us back in February to take over running their existing site, we were more than happy to help. After several improvements and discussions, we knew there was more that we could do. It was inevitable, really… Carman Friend’s site was getting a Limely-style revamp.

Sami and Gareth, the directors at Carman Friend, have been dream clients from the start. So, when they put their trust in us to rethink their website, we put our heads down and got cracking.

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Breathing life into the site…

Our designer Adam wanted to take Carman Friend’s existing colours and bring them to life. He cleverly curated a much cleaner, sleeker design to really showcase the Carman Friend branding.

To shake things up a bit, we opted for a combination of dark, enticing visuals with effective white space.

The use of video on the homepage is a feature we really love. It really sets Carman Friend aside from the usual static estate agent websites.

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Optimising Property Search

Of course, we knew that property search would be the number one reason for users visiting the site. Therefore, we slapped a nice, big, easy-to-use property search function in the middle of the homepage. We deeply integrated with Cloud Based Property Management Software, Expert Agent to create a truly unique and easy to use property listings.  We also added more visually appealing features to the property search page and made it easier to navigate. We’re all about combining seamless UI and UX.

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Did someone say mobile?

The Carman Friend site is ultra responsive and looks just as great on mobile. It also works just as well, too. All of our favourite features, like the hover effects and text transitions, aren’t compromised on mobile.

They were over the moon!

We wanted to offer something fresh and different to reflect our way of doing things, and our new website does just that, its fresh, functional, friendly, informative and more importantly – easy to use. We listened to the opinion of others to make it suit for all.

Samantha, Carman Friend

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For more inside information

Head over to our Under the Bonnet blog post to check out what we did behind the scenes. You’ll learn all about the cool features our talented developers packed into the site!

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