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Build the fastest and most effective ecommerce sites with Magento 2

Move aside Magento – Magento 2 is here to stay, offering a faster, more powerful and stable platform to build your perfect ecommerce site. It is imperative that your online store is portrayed in the best possible light through your online presence, and this is easily achievable through moving on up to Magento 2.

We don’t just rant and rave about it, we use it ourselves. So, take our word for it when we say that it is the key ingredient to creating the best site.


What’s new with Magento 2?

It’s called an upgrade for a reason – Magento 2 has seen an emergence of developed and boosted features that make creating that perfect site that little bit easier.

Working with Limely is the evident first step towards a great ecommerce site, upgrading to Magento is a definite step 2. Here’s why:

  • It’s Robust and Powerful
  • Extendable and Customisable
  • Flexible and Secure
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Working with Limely has been a pleasure from the start. The team have given us the support we needed every step of the way and we’re already excited about the results we’re seeing!

Clare Hanes, Lingerie Outlet Store

3rd Party Integrations

We work with these technology providers to build the best ecommerce sites

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Factory Direct Flooring

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Lingerie Outlet Store

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Already have an ecommerce site?

It’s very likely that you already have an ecommerce site up and running, but not to worry! We are more than capable of smoothly transferring your site to Magento 2, even if you were not with Magento to start with.

Nothing will get left behind; all your original content, products and customer data can be migrated swiftly to Magento 2 with no complications. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well it is! Hit the button below to get the ball rolling.

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WordPress and Magento

For those in the wonderful world of ecommerce, WordPress is like a reliable friend.

It provides a platform that makes it easier than ever to add swanky content to your site.

So what would you say if we told you that we can swiftly amalgamate both WordPress and Magento when building your site. So now, you can still;

  • Easily add text, with codes neatly tucked away
  • Insert images, videos, and graphics with ease
  • And insert helpful plug-ins like Yoast which ensure perfect posts

All without altering the fresh appearance of your site that Magento 2 has provided. So basically, they are a match made in heaven.

What can be applied to your site

Through Magento, features such as these can also be smoothly integrated into your site


Smart Search

Click + Collect

Address Autocomplete

Stock Integration

Personalised Customer Experience

Support and Guidance