Everyone’s new favourite Netflix star, an umbrella descent and an emotional duet from two global superstars: these are a few of our top moments from this year’s Academy Awards.

As pop culture fanatics here at Limely, it would be kind of weird for us to not give an honourable mention to this year’s Oscars. In fact, it was so juicy that we’re doing a whole blog post about it. Because, really, what better way to begin the week than with cute celebrity GIFs and iconic moments? Just lap up the insanely bougie ways of how the other half live whilst you sip your instant coffee under the fluorescent lighting of your office.

These are our favourite moments from last night’s Academy Awards

Round up, round up, the official 2019 Oscars have been dished out! If you didn’t bother staying up to watch it and you can’t face trawling through Twitter to find out all the goss, don’t worry. We’ve rounded up all the best bits for you. In our humble opinion, anyway. Get yourself a cuppa and enjoy.

Tina Fey mocking Fyre Festival

We all knew it was coming. As non-hosts Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler made Oscar-related jokes by her side, Tina Fey told everyone to look under their seats for “those cheese sandwiches from the Fyre Festival”. Someone had to do it.

Keegan-Michael Key descending from the ceiling via umbrella

The Mary Poppins nod and Donald Trump dig crossover was just excellent. Actor and comedian Keegan-Michael Key came floating down from the ceiling towards the audience, clutching a black umbrella. Upon his arrival to the ground, he attempted to close the umbrella several times before shrugging and leaving it on the ground. Iconic.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performing ‘Shallow’

It doesn’t get more emotional than this; we don’t think there was a dry eye in the room as real-life Ally and Jackson sung their chart-topping duet together. A standing ovation was well deserved and of course, they got one. Enjoy the GIF.

Marie Kondo sparking joy on the red carpet

We just love that she is a celeb now, walking the red carpet – she deserves it. And she looked fabulous. We don’t need to ramble on about this one, we’ll keep this one neat and tidy.

Olivia Colman’s acceptance speech

Realistically, what’s better than an emotional Brit at an American awards ceremony? Honestly nothing. Olivia Colman has a place in our British hearts and now we’re sure that she’s earnt her place internationally, too. Go on, Olivia.

That’s it, we’re done. You can go and actually do something productive instead of procrastinating with one of our blog posts, now. Hope you enjoyed our favourite moments from the 2019 Oscars. Which ones will stick in your memory?

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