Why Content is Important on your Accountancy Website

When it comes to websites for accountancy firms, engaging content is not your first thought

However, excellently written content that not only informs but images users is a key component to any great website, and is the only way you can guarantee an effective online presence and continuing traffic and leads.

From web page content to regular posts on your blog, we’re here to tell you why content is so important for your accountancy website.

Demonstrates your quality of service

Great content that fills not only your initial web pages but your blog area is a great way to demonstrate your quality of service, as well as your professionalism and knowledge in the field. Using content, you can make sure that the user has everything they need to get to know your firm, know what solutions you offer and how to enquire.


Having clear and concise explanations of who you are, the services you offer and your knowledge within the industry not only bodes well for the user experience but also lets them know that they’re in the right place for quality, trusted services.

Sets you apart from your competitors

Filling your site with lots of great content also allows you to portray your unique tone and brand personality. There are a lot of accountancy firms out there that offer very similar services, so to entice new clients and stand out, you need to play on what makes you so different. Finding the right tone for you means you can fill your site with a voice that represents your business and your customer-centric approach.

Boosts SEO

Utilising content on your accountancy site allows you to benefit from keyword research. This consists of identifying what words and phrases your target audiences will be using within a search engine to find services like yours and using them amongst your content.

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This allows your business to rank alongside your competitors within a search engine, and entice users to click and follow through to your services as they are made aware that you provide the solutions to their queries. This can either be done through regular blog posts or SEO content on your web pages.

Helps your user’s online journey

By equipping your site with lots of informative content, not only can you quickly resolve any queries they may have, but you can also guide and funnel their journey on your website.

By implementing snippets of content and appropriate CTA links, you can guide the user to where they need to be, and urge them closer to that ‘enquire’ buttons – ultimately helping to generate leads and bring more business to your accountancy firm.

Demonstrates your online presence

By uploading regular blog posts, you can show the user that you are present online, and ready to receive their enquiry. This helps to boost trust and reliability amongst your users and makes them aware that they won’t be let down if they choose you for their accounting needs.

Do you need help filling your accountancy site with effective content! Come and talk to Limely today about our content services.

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