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The Best Garden Furniture Websites

Who needs to go on holiday when you have a beautiful garden with furniture that allows to kick back and relax? Ha, still us.

But, filling your garden with cool and stylish furniture helps bring your little private space a lot closer to a poolside cabana – it’s just about finding the right stuff for you. With many retailers and businesses moving over to the world of ecommerce, there isn’t much you can’t order online, including the latest styles in garden furniture! And what a better way to shop for garden furniture, than from the comfort of your own home (or garden).

So for the benefit of all those avid gardeners who are looking for the best online spots for garden furniture, as well as those looking to sell their own garden furniture online and are in need for some inspiration, we thought we’d bring to you some of the best places to buy garden furniture online.


As you can tell straight away from looking at their homepage, Bridgman specialises in providing high quality and stylish garden furniture. They not only bring attention to their physical showrooms but make shopping easy with a simple navigation menu and search bar. And you know they mean businesses when they have a National Trust Collection!

Burleydam Garden Centre

The image used on Burleydam’s homepage not only shows you the level of quality you can expect when shopping with them but gets you clicking as it demonstrates exactly what your garden is missing! Who wouldn’t want that level of style and luxury in their back garden?


Abreo has cleverly used the recognised popularity of Rattan furniture to their advantage. Putting a lot of focus on this universally loved furniture style, you’re made aware of not only their knowledge of the latest trends but a guaranteed level of quality.

Rattan Direct

Another furniture provider that knows what they’re talking about! Rattan Direct have also focused on Rattan garden furniture as its versatility, and effortless style appeals to all garden lovers. Their clear knowledge of what’s hot, as well as their glowing reviews displayed on their homepage, you know your garden furniture needs will be met!

If these sites have made you realise your business is in need of its own online shop, contact Limely today and we can make that happen!

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