What Images are the Best for Your Accountancy Website

Images can help users feel at ease and can help evoke trust and reliability.

And when it comes to populating your accountancy site with images, you need to think about the kind of impression you’d like to make to your users. Whether you’d like to focus on your high level of customer service, or you experience in the field – both of these attributes can be well framed through strategically chosen images. Doesn’t matter if you’re taking your own pictures and utilising the many stock image providers out there – some thought needs to go into what is going to suit the quality of your website.

To offer some guidance in this area, we’ve come up with 3 types of images you should keep in mind when putting images together that truly compliment your brand new site.

Your team in action

If you’re looking to boost legitimacy and reliability for your accountancy firm, it would be good to lace your site with real images of your team in action. This not only helps the user to see the faces behind your business but makes them aware of your presence and boosts your validity – letting them know that you are a firm that can be trusted.

If you’re unable to get pictures of your team hard at work, you can get the same feel from stock images which depict professional individuals that represent what is going on in your office. However, this could always be a hit and miss solution as you risk filling your site with images that don’t rightly represent the unique qualities of your accountancy firm – ones that set you aside from your competitors. If you are utilising stock imagery, but sure to stay clear from cliche shots, and those that looked too staged. This is why using your own images is probably your best bet, just to guarantee the quality you’re after.

Office Shots

Whilst taking pictures of your team, you might also want to get some shots of your office or where you’re based. This again not only helps to show the legitimacy of your business but allows your online branding and your real-life business to collide and be portrayed effectively online. It helps show the true essence of your firm, which helps you stand out amongst similar businesses.

The user can really get a feel for your business and by seeing your offices displayed proudly on your site, they can feel reassured that your accountancy services are ones to be trusted and relied upon.

Familiar faces

As well as pictures of your team and your office, other images on your accountancy site can include ones that your users can relate to. This includes pairing your services with images of the kind of people/circumstances that may benefit from those specific services. This will not only assist with user understanding, especially if the image helps to explain what the services relate to but help the user associate their own circumstances with the solutions you offer – urging leads and encouraging contact.

Do you need help sorting images for your accountancy website? Come and speak to Limely and we can help you add the right touches.

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