What are the Best Blog Posts for Your Estate Agency Website?

A blog area is a great addition to your estate agency website and can bring about a wide range of benefits.

However, a blog area is only effective if used properly. This involved publishing regular articles of relevant content that relates to your agency as well as the property industry. It can be quite a tricky business, especially when you’re not sure what kind of posts will perform well.

That said, we’ve collated 5 potential blog topics that will suit an estate agency blog and will help your business benefit from your content.

Home interiors

To bring some variety to your site, and reach out to a much wider audience, you can dedicate some of your blog posts to writing about home interiors and design. This might include posts such as ‘Living Room Interior Trends for This Summer’, ‘ Decorating your bedroom on a budget’ or even ‘Our Favourite Kitchen Interiors’. This will help with SEO and demonstrating your user-centric approach as you provide guidance for all aspects of the property industry.

Industry news

Publishing articles about the latest property news not only illustrates your active online presence but shows that your agency has their finger on the pulse of your industry and are passionate about what you do. Being a source for this kind of information also helps to evoke feelings of trust amongst your users and also provides an opportunity to join in with other trending literature about current industry news.

Agency updates

Your blog can also be the place in which you post updates from your agency. This could include any awards you have won, any changes to your business and even announcements when you gain new team members. This again helps to demonstrate your active presence and also helps show the more fun, casual and human side to your business which can make you stand out amongst your competitors.

Featured properties

You can also use this space to draw more attention to your properties and services. Maybe there’s a particular property you want to draw more attention to or a property that has recently come on the market and could do with all the marketing it needs. Pictures and links to the property can be paired with enticing content and descriptions in which can then be posted on your social media to draw in your audience and get them delving in further.

Advice and guidance

Call Centre

Another great way to get your blog posts trending is to create articles that will serve as guidance and advice, particularly surrounding property. Not only will this be a great way to boost your SEO, but will have the added benefit of showing your agency’s customer-centric approach to your business. Titles such as ‘How to Apply for Mortgage’ and ‘What Documents do you need to Rent a Property?’ along with other popular search queries will help you climb the ranks within SERPs.

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