How to take Your Construction Company Online

Your construction company might be doing well just on its own, but not as well as it could be with an effective online space

Nowadays, every industry you can think of has taken the leap to online as they’ve recognised the benefits. Utilising the universality of an online space enables your business to increase its awareness amongst your target audience, generate leads, boost sales and ultimately help your business to boom – and that goes for construction companies too. But where to start?

We’re here to tell you the first couple of steps you need to take to efficiently take your construction company online!

Find your platform

Ostersund, Sweden – June 10, 2016 Closeup of wordpress website under a magnifying glass. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL

There are hundreds of platforms out there that provide the foundation for your website. Many of them provide you with ready-made templates, designs and features that are great for a quick and speedy launch.

However, they’re not going to give you the means to create a truly bespoke website; one which you can customise as your company grows. By working with customisable content management systems available through platforms such as WordPress you will end up with the website you deserve and a solid platform in which will help reflect your unique company.

Find an agency

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It might be that your knowledge in website management does not stretch as far as WordPress, and of course, you’d want your website to be the best it can be. If that’s the case, you need to find a web agency that can successfully take your construction company online. By working with an agency, you can be reassured that you’re giving your website the best chance as your company is left in the hands of the experts. From design, development, content and marketing – you can leave every box ticked.

Limely just happens to be an agency that specialises in WordPress and can do just that. Click here to see some of our work with WordPress.

Identify your branding

To ensure that you are effectively taking your construction company online, you need to narrow down what branding would rightly represent it amongst your online space. This might include a logo, colour palette, font and general layout of your website – all of which can be changed and altered to suit your unique business.

The best way to replicate your business online is to work with an agency like Limely who can get to know your business and effectively adapt its branding to an online setting. That said, it’s still good to have some ideas and starting points noted down before you approach any designs.

Click here to read about how you should prep for presenting your ideas to a designer.

Decide on your content

When approaching your company online, the user is presented with quite a solitary experience, as opposed to speaking face to face with a member of your team. They are left to navigate and find out all about your company and what you stand for all on their own. This can be easily done with clear, concise and well written content that does nothing but guide and inform the user and add to their overall experience. If your team is struggling to find the time to come up with content that reads well as well as being an effective tool on your website, then you would do  well to approach a copywriter.

Luckily, Limely possesses that exact skill and their content team can produce a website’s worth of content that helps with SEO, engages your user and contributes to the overall success of your website.

Fine-tune your marketing

Once you have a standout website, to maintain its success you need to equip it with a solid marketing strategy. This can include social media marketing, email marketing and even physical marketing that will keep your company at the forefront of your targeted user’s mind and bring your business the success it deserves. Posting regularly on social media for example will not only be great for SEO but maintain a steady flow of traffic to your website and help you generate leads.

Click here to see why you need a solid marketing strategy!

Do you need a helping hand taking your construction business online? Come and speak to Limely today to start seeing results!

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