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How to Sell Potted Plants Online

Social media is full of people turning their homes into urban jungles

And with more of us steadily becoming plant parents to both indoor and outdoor plants, it’s hard not to want to get a slice of the action, especially when garden centres and plant shops are gaining a lot of business from this surge in popularity.

But can this be turned into an ecommerce opportunity? Well, we’ve already taken a look at how garden centres can get online, and how they can go about setting up delivery so, now we’re here to tell you how you can go about selling potted plants online and get in on a forever growing trend.

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Setting up your ecommerce platform

Anyone can sell something online, even if they’re not a business. Using sites like eBay, Depop and Etsy, they can sell and ship products through their own means. But if you’re a garden centre, plant shop, or even a business who specialise in bringing some greenery to people’s lives, it might be that you need a more secure platform to sell your potted plants.

Sourcing the right ecommerce platform for you is the first step in the right direction. It not only provides you with a space in which you can form and exercise your brand through content, design and imagery but gives you efficient means to start selling your potted plants.

Securing your brand and creating a fun and engaging space for you to sell your plants is a sure-fire way to attract buyers, as is an efficient and effective ordering system – all of which can be made possible through ecommerce platforms. Here at Limely, we love to use platforms such as Magento 2 and Shopify as the foundation of our websites, and would love to provide you with any help in choosing what would be best for you.

Selecting and sourcing products

Once you have found the appropriate platform to sell your potted plants, you can begin sourcing and selecting the specific products you want to sell. This will include asking tricky questions like; ‘what size will be best?’, ‘will we be selling pots and plants separately?’, ‘will we be offering any samples or freebies with our products?’, and even deciding on sizes and weights depending on your method of delivery. Once you have narrowed down your range and products you would like to sell, it’s then time to upload them to your site!

This consists of writing specs, including height, weight and posting details and product descriptions which obviously, describe everything about the plant. This will not only add to your user’s shopping experience but help SEO and contribute to attracting customers to your services.

Perfecting Delivery

With many ecommerce platforms, like Shopify, they come equipped with everything you need to build a delivery system. This includes everything you would need to craft invoices, track orders, process payments and sort returns for your customers. This is a very vital part of selling anything online, and it’s where you are able to demonstrate a high level of customer service – one that they will want to return to for all of their future potted plant needs!

Delivery Truck Parcels

We’ve already explored how you can go about setting up online delivery if you are a garden centre looking to move into ecommerce.


Once you have a great platform, amazing products and a flawless delivery service, it’s time to spread the word to get those sales rolling in. This can include everything from in-store marketing, social media marketing and email marketing – directing information, promotions and CTA links to bring as many customers to your site as possible so you can get to selling potted plants.

If you’re stuck on step one, don’t hesitate in contacting Limely today!

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