How to Sell Jewellery Online

Nothing completes an outfit quite like jewellery

And as the majority of our high street begins to take on ecommerce to reap its benefits, there’s no reason to say that Jewellery Stores and providers shouldn’t follow suit!

Many high street jewellery pride themselves on their attentive customer service via knowledgeable and friendly representatives, as well as a suave and luxurious store that truly reflects the products and services they offer. This can all be easily transferred to an online space; offering customers the same level of quality, luxury and attention to service found in-store.

Same goes for jewellery providers which can’t be found on the high street. Due to the wide availability of tools, kits and tutorials online – many people are utilising their creative flair to produce their very own jewellery with intent to sell or even starting their own business.

With that mind, ecommerce is just calling to jewellery providers and stores to hop on the bandwagon and begin to delve headfirst into the advantages and opportunities brought about by transferring business online. But how do you get started?

Find an ecommerce platform

There are many ways in which you can go about selling your jewellery online. If you’re a new starter just selling their handmade jewellery in their spare time, then a selling site like Etsy or eBay might suit. But if you’re a retailer or looking for a more concrete means to sell your wares, then an efficient ecommerce platform is for you. Choosing the right ecommerce platform provides you with the opportunity to build a space that not only houses your unique brand but efficiently sells your products.

There are a wide range of ecommerce platforms to choose from, so you can find the one that suits your business best. Here at Limely, we work with a few favourites like Shopify and WooCommerce, but have a special place in our hearts for Magento 2. If you help to decipher what platform is going to get you the most results, then click here to speak to the experts. (That’s us)

Organising your selected products

Once you have found the foundations to your online store, it’s time to select and sort the products you will be providing. If you’re a high-end jeweller with a wide range of stock, transferring it all into your online store involves tasks such as identifying categories, providing high-quality images and product descriptions and displaying them neatly onto your product pages to ensure your users are getting the best shopping experience – one that they would expect in-store.

Whether you want to organise your products by Style, Colours, Type or Design – you must always have the user at the forefront of your actions in order to make things clear and simple.9

Setting up delivery

Once your online shop is full of your products, content and imagery, the next step is to set up an efficient ordering and delivery system. Using platforms such as Magento 2 and Shopify, you are already equipped with the means to build a great ordering system – allowing you to use an array of tools to provide a good experience for the customer.

Everything from tracking orders, dealing with queries, creating invoices and processing returns will need to be perfected and moulded to your unique brand and customer approach to ensure you’re sustaining your usual level of customer service.


Now you have a great site to kick off your online jewellery store, it’s time to tell everyone about it! This means setting up a strategic marketing strategy in order to call in your customers and appeal to a wider audience. This can be done through a number of means, including social media marketing, email marketing, blog content or even in-store marketing. Either way, your online business should be represented by engaging content that leads customers, old and new, to your store.

Not to worry if your creative flair doesn’t stretch that far, Limely houses the best in content creation and social media marketing in order to help you make sure that you are getting the most out of your marketing.

Are you ready to take your jewellery store to the next level? Contact Limely today to get the ball rolling!

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