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How to Order Handmade Jewellery Online

Before ecommerce, it was very hard to source handmade jewellery

Never mind buy it!

Buying handmade jewellery was something usually saved for market stalls, flea markets and some independent shops. But now, with the accessibility of ecommerce platforms and making the move to online selling made easy through the help of agencies, many jewellery makers can now effectively sell their wares online and begin to build a clientele.

But for those who like to support independent sellers and jewellery makers and aren’t accustomed to their relatively new way of buying their wares – how can you go about efficiently ordering jewellery online?

Find a seller

In order to track down and order handmade jewellery online, you will need to find a seller! Those who make jewellery but don’t have a business set up can be quite hard to track down, but when you’ve found the jewellery and the seller that you love, you’re all set!

You can find independent jewellery makers by simply searching for it online, or more effectively via social media like Instagram and Facebook by searching for the appropriate hashtags and keywords. Many small, independent jewellery makers will have social media accounts to showcase their work and will take commissions over instant message. Not secure, but it is one way you can support small businesses and order handmade jewellery online.

Use an online marketplace

For an easy solution to finding those who sell their handmade jewellery, online marketplaces are the best place to be. A popular space for people to sell their wares, not only will it offer you a more secure way to order handmade jewellery but an easy format of shopping and searching for other sellers.

It also allows you to view other customer experiences and reviews so you can be assured of the legitimacy of the seller and the quality of the product.

Read reviews

In order to have a good experience and achieve the best results when ordering handmade jewellery online, you need to do your research. If you happen to be ordering handmade jewellery from an online marketplace or even from the business owner’s website, then it’s a good idea to read their reviews and take them on board before going through with your purchase.

customer reviews

This will not only secure their legitimacy as mentioned above, but it will also give you a taste of their customer service, product quality and ultimately evoke trust and reliability for your order and all orders in the future.

Leave your own review

If you’re a lover of handmade jewellery and want to continue to order it online, then help out your favourite sellers! Posting your order on social media, as well as linking and notifying the seller not only gives them the extra marketing they may need to reach wider audiences but could help boost their sales. If your experience with the seller was a positive one,  you could also leave your own review as so to reassure future customers.

This will have a great impact on their small business and will contribute to their growth.

Do you make your own jewellery and are looking for a place to sell it? How about your own online store? Come and speak to Limely and see what we can do for you!

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