How to Get Tax Calculators for your Accountancy Website

Tax calculators can act as the cherry on top of your accountancy website

They can help to dramatically boost your levels of user experience and make for an overall great service for your business. But how do you go about getting one on your site?

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We’ve prepared 3 ways you can go about getting a tax calculator on your accountancy website so you begin to benefit from its advantages.

Approach an agency

The best way to benefit from a calculator on your website is to approach an agency. Not only will they be able to develop one from scratch and ensure that it works efficiently, but they can make one that fits in with your website’s existing design and make it bespoke to you.

Limely is equipped with a team of highly skilled designers and developers who would be able to design and implement your a calculator straight on your site in which your users could benefit from in no time. Click here to find out more about Limely and our services.

Find and embed a link

If you’re looking to quickly set up a calculator in order to provide the service to your users, then you can source one online which, via code, can be embedded into your website. However, it may leave you with an unreliable feature that would have to be displayed alongside logos/links from the provider, which might not bode well for your image. Developing your own calculator is the best way to guarantee you’ll be left with a calculator that works and does nothing but add to your website.

Find a website that offers the calculator

Another way you could provide your online users with a calculator via your website is by finding another website that offers a calculator and supplying them with the link. Although you are still providing the service, it takes the user away from your website which is not good when trying to generate leads.

If you’re looking to benefit from a bespoke Tax/VAT calculator, then click here to speak to Limely today! 

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