How to build a Construction Company Website

Almost everyone comes to a time in their life where they need the help of a builder.

It’s just about choosing the right company – a company where they can feel assured that they are going to achieve amazing results. And when a construction company is looking to evoke this amongst new clientele, it can be difficult to really show their prestige through recommendations and word of mouth alone. The best way to spread awareness of your company and generate new leads is through an attractive online space that not only holds all of your services but effectively captures your brand and what makes you stand out amongst others in your industry. But what is the first step?

We’ve put together 5 of our top tips that will set you on the right path towards an amazing online space for your construction company.

Finding a platform

The first step to any online venture is finding a platform in which you can start building your website. Finding the right platform will allow you to efficiently take your services online and help your construction company makes waves within your industry. There are a number of template sites out there that offer a quick and speedy launch with ready-made designs and templates. However, if you’re looking to truly benefit from having a bespoke website that rightly reflects your unique brand and level of service, you’re going to need a much more customisable platform.

Here at Limely, we would recommend WordPress as the platform for a construction company website as they can tend to be quite content heavy. WordPress is completely content manageable, easy to use and can grow alongside your business.

Check out our work with WordPress here!

Sourcing an agency

If you’re handy with a hammer but not with the computer, then maybe you should consider sourcing a web design agency. Getting an agency to help you launch your website will mean that you’re investing in the best of the best and will have every aspect of your online journey covered by the experts. From design, development, content and marketing – you’ll end up with a finished product that is reading and raring to go.

Here at Limely, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the means to boost their business and achieve outstanding results. Click here to see our work!

Finalising designs and branding

A standout website can’t be achieved without stylish branding and designs that rightly represents what your specific construction company is all about. To equip your new site with high-quality designs, you should consider reaching out to a design agency to help bring your vision to life. That said, it would be good to approach them with some idea of what you would like, including any logos, brand colours and mock-ups of anything you already in mind.

Here at Limely, we’re lucky enough to benefit from a skilled design team who have tons of experience in creating high-quality designs that entice users and urge them towards that ‘get in touch button’.

Check out our work here!

Finalising content

Clear, concise and informative content is what brings you whole website together as through a precise tone, you can demonstrate your friendly customer service and let the user know everything about your company. Content not only should be a pleasure to read but strategically written in order to work with your existing SEO strategy and funnel your users where they need to be.

content marketing

Limely also has a great content service in which a team of copywriting experts can step into your shoes and provide your site with the content it needs to engage its users.

Check out our content services here!

Identifying your marketing strategy

Once you have a website to scream and shout about, it’s time to do exactly that! Alongside your website, you should begin to craft a solid marketing strategy to help you reach wide audiences and sustain traffic. Marketing can include everything from physical branding that can be used on the job, social media posts or even email marketing. This would involve enticing content, images and regular effort to upkeep an active online presence.

If this doesn’t sound like something you can find amongst your work, then you can speak to an agency like Limely who can lend that all-important helping hand.

Are you looking to make the leap online?  Contact Limely today for the best help around.

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