How Important Is Content for your Construction Company Website?

There are many important components to your website, effective content being one of the most vital.

As it’s the first impression your user will get of your company without meeting a single member of your team, your content should be at the very least clear and in keeping with your stylish design and high functionality. But with a lot of importance placed on navigation, featured work and lead generation, where exactly does content come in?

Well, we’d present to you 5 reasons why exactly you need to be paying attention to your website’s content.

Captures your unique voice

Through content found on your webpages as well as your news area, you can demonstrate your unique brand voice. Whether you like to dictate a fun and casual approach or stick to being strictly professional, through particular language and tone you have the potential to deliver your distinct personality.

Demonstrates your professionalism

Speaking of language and tone, when used effectively your content can help portray your construction company’s professionalism and validity. Making sure your content is clear, concise, error-free and littered with industry-specific jargon, you can reassure your audience that if they went ahead with your company, their construction project would be in safe hands.

Boosts SEO

Content is a great tool for your SEO strategy as it can be where you apply your keyword research. Through this research, you can identify the most commonly used queries amongst your target audience so that search engines can identify your website as the best solution to their problem. This helps you climb the ranks within SERPs and race ahead of your competitors.

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Guides the user

When written well and with the user in mind, your content can funnel the user to wherever you want them to go on your website. Whether you’d like to work them towards your case study page, your news area or your enquiry form, your content alongside some strategically placed CTAs can encourage users to delve in further.

Instils trust & strengthens brand

When you fill your site with clear content that has been written with the user in mind, it can reassure any visitor that you are a company to be trusted. When you effectively portray your brand voice through error-free, informative and industry-specific content, the user will be able to see the care and effort that has gone into filing your site with such; setting a precedent for the remainder of your site and the quality of your work.

Content provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the core values, ethos and people behind your business. In order to evoke the utmost trust amongst your users, you should fill your site with pictures of the people that make your work possible. This includes high-quality pictures on your ‘Meet The Team’ page, as well as any other places on your website where the friendly faces behind the name can be showcased.

Amongst pictures of your team hard at work, you could include pictures of any team days out, nights out or pictures of your office if applicable. This will help provide a unique, competitive edge when compared to your competitors and help demonstrate your individual business and its ethics.

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